Blocking of R$400 million and thousands of Brazilians without money: mega operation stops movements

In a recent blockade of money from a financial pyramid company, thousands were left without receiving their amounts. Now, it is up to the courts to decide.

In an impressive action that shook the structures of the financial market, the Federal Police of Brazil launched a mega-operation called "Ouranos", aiming to dismantle a complex criminal organization.

This group operated a gigantic financial pyramid through institutions and capital market agents, completely outside the law, without any registration or authorization from the Central Bank of Brazil or the Securities and Exchange Commission. Check out.

Brazilians have just lost millions in a mega operation behind financial pyramids. Check out! / Photo: publicity

The siege closes after mega operation

Initially, the operation achieved impressive results, blocking and sequestering around R$400 million in assets belonging to the individuals under investigation.

The list of assets is extensive and reveals the magnitude of the scheme: 473 properties, 10 boats, 1 plane and 40 luxury cars, in addition to 111 bank accounts and 3 investment funds.

These numbers not only illustrate the scale of the criminal operation, but also the depth of the investigation carried out by the Federal Police.

The schema structure

At the heart of this scheme was the operation of a Securities and Securities Distributor (DTVM) without any legal registration, which raised more than R$1 billion from around 7,000 investors from different parts of Brazil and the world.

In short, these investors were attracted by promises of high returns through supposed cryptocurrency arbitration, with collective investment contracts offering fixed and variable remunerations – all without the support of the competent regulatory authorities.

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Shielding and money laundering

Basically, the scheme used advanced asset shielding and money laundering techniques, complicating the tracking and recovery of invested amounts.

In short, illicit resources were distributed across multiple accounts in a method known as "money centrifugation", characterized by the splitting of bank transfers across multiple levels and pass-through accounts.

This complex financial network was designed to conceal the origin and final destination of funds, some of which had possible links to other criminal activities, including drug trafficking and tax fraud.

Importance of the megaoperation

The Ouranos mega-operation is a milestone in the history of financial investigations in Brazil, highlighting the importance of continuous surveillance and collaboration between authorities to protect investors and the integrity of the financial market.

This case serves as a crucial reminder to investors and regulators about the risks associated with illegal schemes and the importance of seeking information and making investments through legitimate, regulated channels.

What should I do if I was a victim of a pyramid scheme?

If you believe you have been a victim of a financial pyramid, it is crucial to act quickly. First, gather all the evidence, such as contracts, proof of payment and communications.

First, report the case to the police and financial regulatory bodies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) in Brazil.

Then consider seeking legal guidance to understand your rights and potential legal action. Also, alert friends and family to prevent further victims. Remember, awareness and quick action are key to combating these schemes and seeking redress.

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