Bills paid even without having money in your bank account? Nubank service is UNBELIEVABLE

Nubank announced a new service that promises to make its customers’ lives even easier. Discover how to keep yours up to date.

Nubank, one of the most innovative fintechs in Brazil, has transformed the way we interact with financial services. Since its founding, it has stood out for offering uncomplicated, secure and completely digital solutions.

With a value proposition focused on simplicity and transparency, Nubank managed to attract a vast user base and establish a new standard of service and financial management.

Its trajectory highlights the disruptive potential of fintechs in the banking sector, challenging traditional models and introducing practices that are more aligned with the expectations of modern consumers.

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Discover Nubank’s new service

Nubank’s Passa Tudo no Crédito allows users to pay their bills, even without cash. Check out everything it offers to customers, according to the fintech website.

It is possible to pay bills and make transfers via Pix using your credit card limit.

Technology allows customers to have more flexibility to manage their payments and enjoy the convenience of concentrating all their expenses on the card bill.

Nubank account holders can pay in up to 12 installments. Simply adjust payments according to your needs and budget, with installments that fit your budget.

The customer can earn cashback in Nucoins on each transaction. Thus, he receives part of the value back in Nucoins, which can be used to deduct the bill, invest or transfer to friends.

Finally, the Nubank service allows access to a complete history of all transactions. Customers can track their expenses in a detailed and organized way on the Nubank app, facilitating financial control.

Find out how to get credit

Regardless of whether your bank is Nubank or not, having credit is extremely important to benefit from all services. Check out some tips on how to increase your limit.

Getting credit can be a challenge, but some strategies can increase your chances of approval. First, keep your credit score high. This means paying bills on time and keeping your credit card usage under control.

Regularly check your credit history to correct possible errors. Diversifying your credit sources also helps, such as having a credit card and a personal loan, for example.

Additionally, reduce your existing debts before applying for new credit. Lenders prefer to see that you are not burdened with debt.

When applying for credit, be realistic: ask for only what you need and demonstrate your ability to pay. This may involve having a stable income and a good employment history.

Another tip is to build a good relationship with Nubank – or any bank. Being a long-time customer and maintaining healthy accounts can be beneficial.

Finally, when applying, provide all necessary information clearly and precisely. Incomplete or incorrect documentation may lead to delays or denials.

Remember: credit must be used responsibly. While these tips can help you get credit, it’s crucial to consider your ability to pay to avoid excessive debt.

Financial planning and management are essential to maintaining financial health.

Requesting credit in the app

To request credit on the Nubank app, follow these simple steps:

Open the app and access your account. On the home screen, look for the "Loan" option or something similar that indicates credit. Select "Request Loan". Enter the desired amount and choose the number of installments, considering interest rates and the Total Effective Cost (CET) to make an informed decision.

Access the app through this link:

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