between R$ 353.00 and R$ 1,294.45, find out everything

Recently, Caixa released several payments for workers who are entitled. To know how to withdraw, it is important to check eligibility first.

If you thought the surprises of 2024 were over, get ready for more good news! Caixa Econômica Federal is releasing extra cash for millions of Brazilian workers, a real reason to set off fireworks.

In that sense, if you were just waiting for some money to arrive, this is a welcome time! See below how to check whether the amounts have already dropped into your account.

Caixa is releasing payments to thousands of workers this month. Find out if you can have access! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is the PIS/PASEP salary bonus?

We are talking about the PIS/PASEP salary bonus, a benefit that adds to the income of employees of private companies (PIS) and public servants (PASEP).

In summary, the salary bonus is a right for workers who receive up to two minimum wages per month and have at least five years of formal employment.

The amount received is proportional to the time worked during the base year, that is, the longer the service, the higher the value of the bonus.

Who is entitled to payment from Caixa?

To be eligible for the benefit, in addition to the requirements already mentioned, the worker must have their data duly informed by the employer in the Annual Social Information List (RAIS) or eSocial, depending on the category.

How to check your entitlement to the allowance?

Checking eligibility for the bonus can be done simply and quickly through the portal or through the Digital Work Card application (Android: or iOS:

Don’t miss the chance to check if you are on the list of beneficiaries!

How is the value of the allowance calculated?

In summary, the value of the bonus is calculated based on the months worked in the base year. Each month worked is equivalent to 1/12 of the current minimum wage, with the total reaching up to R$1,212.00 for those who worked the entire year.

For example, someone who worked just three months can receive R$353.00, while someone who completed eleven months of service can earn up to R$1,294.34.

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Payment Calendar: Pay attention to the dates!

Furthermore, benefit payments have already started for those born in January and will follow a specific schedule. Look.


Birth in January: February 15th; Birth in February: March 15th; Birth in March and April: April 15th; Birth in May and June: May 15th; Birth in July and August: June 17th ;Birth in September and October: July 15th;Birth in November and December: August 15th.


NIS with ending 0: February 15th;NIS with ending 1: March 15th;NIS with ending 2 and 3: April 15th;NIS with ending 4 and 5: May 15th;NIS with ending 6 and 7 : June 17th;NIS with ending 8: July 15th;NIS with ending 9: August 15th.

Make the most of this Caixa benefit

Finally, this salary bonus comes at a good time to supplement the income of many Brazilian workers. Whether it's to pay off debts, make a dream come true or simply to have a financial break, this extra cash from Caixa can make a big difference.

Therefore, be sure to check if you are eligible and plan to make the best use of this money.

So, ready to check if you are one of the lucky ones to receive this extra salary bonus? Access the portal or application now and make your inquiry. So, good luck!

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