Better than a 14th salary? Caixa and BB release R$90 billion with immediate withdrawal to Brazilians

Are you among the lucky ones who will be able to receive an immediate withdrawal from Caixa and Banco do Brasil? Understand what the new payment is about.

Forget waiting for your 14th salary, because something even more impactful is about to happen! We are talking about a monumental release of funds, which promises to bring immediate relief to INSS retirees and pensioners.

Get ready to discover how R$90 billion is being made available for immediate withdrawal at Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil, marking a historic moment in the management of social security benefits in Brazil.

Who can receive immediate withdrawal? Credit: plasticaxe.

The wait for the 14th salary continues

Until now, many Brazilians were anxiously awaiting confirmation of the payment of their 14th salary, envisioning additional financial relief.

However, this expectation gives way to an even more beneficial reality, with the release of a substantial amount that promises to do much more for the economic well-being of INSS beneficiaries.

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In an unprecedented move, the federal government released around R$90 billion to the National Social Security Institute (INSS), with the right to immediate withdrawal this February, through the financial institutions Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil.

The initiative is seen as a much more comprehensive and impactful measure than the 14th salary proposal, meeting the immediate needs of millions of retirees and pensioners across the country.

What is the payment about?

The origin of this monumental release dates back to December 2023, when the federal government deposited R$90.7 billion for the payment of court orders and Small Value Requests (RPVs) in all states and the Federal District.

The goal? Regularize the stock of public debt in order to directly benefit the creditors of these lawsuits.

The Federal Court has already released R$27.7 billion of this amount to pay INSS retirees and pensioners, marking the beginning of a process of regularizing late payments.

Of the R$90.7 billion released, a significant portion of R$49 billion is intended for the payment of food court orders.

These are rights arising from salaries, wages, earnings, pensions and their supplements, in addition to social security benefits and compensation for death or disability, all based on civil liability and confirmed by a final court ruling.

Regularization of late payments

The month of February marks the beginning of the regularization of precatório payments that were pending due to constitutional amendments 113 and 114.

These amendments allowed the previous government to postpone part of the payment of these debts, creating an expectation of regularization that has now materialized.

The amounts, deposited at the end of December 2023, will begin to be released for withdrawal by the Federal Regional Courts (TREs), through a process of opening accounts at Caixa and Banco do Brasil specifically for this purpose.

Do I have to pay to receive it?

It is important to highlight that it is not necessary to make any prior payment to receive the court order upon immediate withdrawal.

In case of doubt, creditors should seek guidance from their lawyers or directly from the Federal Court responsible for their case, thus ensuring transparency and security in accessing the amounts owed.

For those eager to check the availability of their INSS court order for withdrawal, the process is simple.

The consultation can be carried out with the lawyer responsible for the case or directly on the TRF website that manages the process.

This verification can be done using the creditor’s CPF number, the lawyer’s registration with the OAB, or the judicial process number, thus facilitating access to information and ensuring that beneficiaries can enjoy this right in an agile and secure manner.

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Financial relief during Carnival

The availability of immediate withdrawal of court orders represents a milestone in the management of social security benefits in Brazil, bringing relief and hope to millions of retirees and pensioners.

More than an alternative to the 14th salary, this release of funds reflects the government’s commitment to honoring its obligations and supporting citizens who need it most.

Now, with immediate withdrawal available, it is crucial that beneficiaries inform themselves and take advantage of this unique opportunity to regularize their finances and plan a more peaceful and secure future.

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