Benefits package for those who are MEI was presented by Lula and SURPRISE class

The new benefits package of the Desenrola Brasil program proposes easier debt renegotiation for MEIs and small companies.

In a positive turnaround for individual microentrepreneurs (MEI) and small businesses, the government presented a new phase of the Desenrola Brasil program, bringing a simplified approach to debt renegotiation.

This movement aims to facilitate access to credit and alleviate debt, marking a significant step towards sustained support for these important pillars of the Brazilian economy.

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MEI is surprised by the new benefits package proposed by Lula

Desenrola Brasil’s updated strategy includes MEIs and small businesses, allowing the inclusion of their debts, previously treated as individuals, in the program guidelines.

This opens up a range of previously inaccessible benefits, creating a bridge to financial stability.

Easy renegotiation

One of the pillars of this new package is the possibility of debt renegotiation with easier conditions.

This expansion is mainly aimed at reducing debt and providing greater access to credit, especially for those facing financial issues.

A notable detail is the focus on low-income people, with a monthly income of up to two minimum wages, or registered in the Single Registry, who have debts of up to R$5,000.


Data from the Brazilian Federation of Banks (FEBRABAN) reveal that, until the last week of September 2023, around six million Brazilians managed to regularize their situations in the defaulter registers.

This number highlights the effectiveness of Desenrola Brasil in contributing to the country’s economic recovery.

Step by step for renegotiation

To take advantage of this opportunity, MEIs must follow a simple registration process on the portal.

This registration is essential to access the renegotiation system, marking the beginning of a path towards financial regularization.

Access via this link:

Individual Microentrepreneur: simplified entrepreneurship in Brazil

The MEI category has become an increasingly popular option for individual entrepreneurs in Brazil.

Created in 2008, MEI provides a simplified and accessible way for self-employed workers to formalize their businesses, with a series of benefits and advantages.

What is it

It is a business category created by the Brazilian government to formalize small individual entrepreneurs who earn up to an established annual limit.

To qualify as a MEI, the entrepreneur must carry out one of the economic activities permitted by legislation, such as commerce, industry, services or trade in artisanal products.


Formalization offers a number of benefits to individual entrepreneurs, including:

Issuance of invoices; Access to social security rights, such as retirement due to age, maternity benefit and sickness benefit; Simplification in tax collection, with payment of a fixed monthly fee (DAS – Simples Nacional Collection Document) that varies depending with the activity; Ease of obtaining credit and participating in government tenders; Formalization of the business, which provides greater credibility with suppliers, customers and commercial partners.

Brazilian entrepreneurship

The MEI had a significant impact on the Brazilian entrepreneurial scene, facilitating the formalization of millions of self-employed workers across the country.

Since its creation, the number of MEIs has grown constantly, contributing to the creation of jobs, increased tax collection and boosting the local economy in several regions of Brazil.

Furthermore, the MEI has been an important tool for social inclusion, allowing informal workers and those in situations of economic vulnerability to have access to social security rights and benefits.

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