Banco do Brasil issues statement for 1st BIG WITHDRAWAL in 2024; find out if you have the winning CPF

Banco do Brasil announces payment of R$2.4 billion in dividends and JCP to shareholders. Check if your CPF is one of the winners and find out how to receive your share of this jackpot in 2024.

Exciting news arrives for Banco do Brasil shareholders! It’s time to check if your CPF is on the list of winners for the first major withdrawal of 2024.

With a value of approximately R$2.4 billion to be distributed, joy is guaranteed for thousands of Brazilians.

This amount comes as a result of profits obtained in the last quarter of 2023, a true victory for those who invested in the institution. Find out more details in the following lines.

Banco do Brasil shareholders, get ready for the 1st jackpot withdrawal of 2024! (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

R$2.4 billion distributed by Banco do Brasil

Dividends: R$630.16 million. JCP: R$1.75 billion.

These values ​​will have a plus, being updated by the Selic rate until the moment of payment. So keep your attention focused on February 21st, a crucial date to be in a position to receive.

The following day, the shares enter the ex-dividend category, a decisive moment for investors across Brazil.

How to receive this amount?

You don’t need to worry about the logistics of receiving it.

This is because Banco do Brasil has thought of everything: the credit will be made directly to your current account, gold savings account or even in your hands, for those who prefer physical withdrawal.

For holders of shares at B3, the transfer is guaranteed through custody agents, simplifying the process.

However, pay attention to tax regulations, as income tax will be withheld on the nominal value.

Those with exemption need to prove their condition by February 23, 2024, directly at a Banco do Brasil branch.

How to release a Banco do Brasil withdrawal?

Don’t keep your money waiting! Shareholders with outdated data need to regularize their situation to release the withdrawal.

The update is simple and only requires basic documentation. It’s worth checking that everything is up to date to avoid any setbacks.

Banco do Brasil looks to the future

In an audacious move, Banco do Brasil increases the "payout" from 40% to 45% in 2024, reflecting its commitment to shareholders.

Furthermore, the institution plans to repurchase subordinated debt securities, reaffirming its financial strength and dedication to investors.

So what does that mean?

This generous distribution of dividends and JCP, together with the increase in "payout" and the repurchase of securities, highlights the robustness of Banco do Brasil and its commitment to valuing those who trust the institution.

Being informed about procedures and deadlines is essential to ensure you make the most of these opportunities.

Necessary action

Do not leave to the last minute! Therefore, check that your CPF is among those covered and that your data is up to date.

Finally, this is the time to reap the fruits of your investment and celebrate the gains provided by Banco do Brasil.

This announcement not only brings good news about remuneration, but also reinforces the bank’s position as a valuable ally for its shareholders.

This is an unmissable opportunity for Banco do Brasil shareholders. With this information in hand, it’s time to take action and ensure you’re ready to receive what’s rightfully yours.

Stay informed, update your data and prepare for an even more prosperous 2024!

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