Banco do Brasil announced R$ 1,176.68 per person TODAY (17/02)

Banco do Brasil Withdrawal makes R$1,176.68 available to selected CPFs today. Take this chance to ease your finances and carry out your projects.

Today is a day of good news for many Brazilians! Banco do Brasil brought a surprise that promises to put a smile on the faces of countless citizens.

Just imagine, news capable of transforming your day: withdrawals of up to R$ 1,176.68 available today. Yes, you read that right!

Eager to know how to find out if your CPF is among those selected? So, read on and find out more.

Exclusive benefit from Banco do Brasil: R$ 1,176.68 per person selected. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Banco do Brasil releases R$ 1,176.68 per person

The PASEP salary bonus comes as a boost. In times where every penny counts, this Banco do Brasil initiative is a true gift.

For those who were looking forward to it, the wait is over. PASEP is known to be crucial financial support, and its release could not come at a better time.

After all, how much does PASEP pay?

The amount each person can receive varies. Depending on how long you worked in the base year, the amount could reach the minimum wage.

In other words, it means that if you were employed throughout the year, prepare to receive the full amount. Did you work less? No problem, the calculation is proportional.

In this sense, anyone who worked for 9 and 10 months in 2022 and meets the criteria, will be able to withdraw R$1,059 and R$1,176.68, respectively, at Banco do Brasil. See the table:

Months worked Allowance Value
1 month R$ 117,67
2 months R$ 235,33
3 months R$ 353,00
Four months R$ 470,65
5 months R$ 588,32
6 months R$ 706,00
7 months R$ 823,66
8 months R$ 941,33
9 months R$ 1.059,00
10 months R$ 1.176,68
11 months R$ 1.294,34
12 months R$ 1.412,00

PASEP 2024 payment calendar

Final registration 0: payment on February 15;Final registration 1: payment on March 15;Final registration 2: payment on April 15;Final registration 3: payment on April 15;Final registration 4: payment on May 15; Final registration 5: payment on May 15th;Final registration 6: payment on June 17th;Final registration 7: payment on June 17th;Final registration 8: payment on July 15th;Final registration 9: payment on August 15th.

As you can see, Banco do Brasil carefully planned the payment dates. Therefore, whether you are a PASEP beneficiary, the dates are clear.

In this sense, for workers with registrations from 0 to 9, payments are distributed over the months, thus ensuring that no one is left out.

How do I check if I am entitled to PASEP?

Namely, checking if you are one of the lucky ones is easy. The query can be made through the Digital Work Card or through the portal.

With your CPF and password in hand, all the necessary information is just a click away. See the links below:

Digital Work Card:

Who is entitled to PASEP?

In short, to be eligible, you just need to have worked for at least 30 days in 2022 with an average salary of up to two minimum wages.

Furthermore, it is essential that your employer has submitted your information correctly and that you have been enrolled in PASEP for at least five years.

Taking advantage of withdrawals from Banco do Brasil

In conclusion, this allowance is a golden opportunity. Whether it's to ease your bills, save or invest in a dream, knowing how to use this benefit can make all the difference.

Banco do Brasil facilitates access to consultation, making the process simple and straightforward. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to check the amount you receive and plan the best use for that extra money.

Furthermore, Banco do Brasil reaffirms its commitment to the well-being of Brazilians through this gesture. If you fit the criteria, be sure to check it out and make your plans.

The PASEP salary bonus is more than financial assistance, it is recognition of your effort and dedication throughout the year. So enjoy!

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