Are you waiting for your retirement or INSS benefit? See how to consult!

Waiting for retirement or another INSS benefit? Learn how to check the progress of your process simply and quickly. With this guide, tracking your INSS order becomes easier.

If you are looking forward to retirement or another INSS benefit, we understand your anxiety. It’s a moment that mixes hope with a dose of impatience, right?

But here’s some good news: tracking the progress of your process is easier than you might think, and best of all, without having to leave your home.

Follow the process of your INSS benefit without leaving home; know more. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How can I check the progress of the INSS retirement process?

Retirement and other social security benefits are fundamental rights for peace of mind and well-being in old age or in specific life situations.

Knowing how your order is progressing is crucial for planning your next steps. That’s why we’ve prepared this simple and straightforward guide for you.

Firstly, it is important to differentiate between the two types of processes: administrative and judicial. The administrative process begins with your request to the INSS.

On the other hand, the judicial process can begin if there is a need to challenge a decision of the Institute.

Administrative consultation: step by step

First, access the My INSS portal or app and click on "Enter with". Then, log in with your details. If you don’t have an account, create one. Go to "My benefits" and choose the order you want to check. Finally, in "Benefit details", you will see the status of your order.

The situation can be "Enabled" (under analysis), "Deferred" (approved) or "Declined" (denied). If you are denied, it is crucial to understand the reasons so you know whether you should appeal.

Judicial consultation: how to proceed

If your request has been denied and you choose to take legal action, it is vital to follow this new process.

The consultation varies depending on the Federal Regional Court (TRF) in your region. By accessing the corresponding TRF website, you can consult using the process number.

How to use the My INSS app?

For both administrative and judicial processes, Meu INSS is your great ally. By logging in via, you can consult orders and obtain important details about your process.

The difference with the app is that, in this case, you need to download it to your cell phone. The steps, however, are similar.

What if I need to check the INSS retirement using the process number?

Each TRF has its own website for consultation, varying depending on your location. Therefore, enter the process number on your TRF website to have the necessary information.

In conclusion, we hope this guide makes it easier to follow your INSS process. Remember that being informed is the first step to guaranteeing your rights.

And, of course, remaining calm and patient during this period is essential. Your benefit is an important achievement, and being on top of the process brings you closer to it.

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