Are users ending their monthly payments?

Netflix has a new and interesting rival in Brazil! Is it your favorite streaming platform? Understand what is happening with the famous "Tudum".

In a world where the way we consume entertainment is constantly evolving, a new chapter in this dynamic narrative emerges. Ever wondered what life would be like without that easy click to the next episode of your favorite series?

Well, get ready, because the streaming scene in Brazil has just gained a new player who promises to redefine the rules of the game.

Everything about Netflix’s new rival! Credit: Reproduction.

How Netflix Redefined Our Entertainment?

Remember the times when we waited anxiously for a whole week to watch the next episode of our favorite series?

Netflix changed all that, radically transforming our relationship with films and series. With the promise of "watching anytime, anywhere", it got us used to binge-watching our favorite series, leaving behind the waiting and dependence on traditional TV programming.

This new consumption model quickly became the new normal, establishing Netflix as the undisputed leader of the streaming market in Brazil.

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The most popular streams in Brazil

Currently, Netflix leads the ranking of the most popular streaming platforms in Brazil with 29% preference among Brazilians.

The platform is closely followed by Amazon Prime Video with 22%, while Disney+ and Globoplay compete for subsequent positions with 12% and 11%, respectively.

These numbers reflect not only preferences, but also habits ingrained in our entertainment culture.

Globoplay is Netflix’s new big rival

However, the scenario began to change with the surprising arrival of a new rival that is making many rethink their monthly subscriptions.

Globoplay, Globo’s streaming service, has shown impressive growth, especially with the start of Big Brother Brasil 2024. This phenomenon not only captured the attention of millions, but also redefined the level of success for streaming platforms in the country.

The data is clear: during the first 20 days of BBB24, Globoplay experienced an audience increase of 45% compared to the previous edition, according to measurements from Kantar Ibope.

Such a significant leap is a testament to the engaging content and immersive experience that the platform offers to its viewers.

Netflix and Amazon already feel pressure from their rival

This success did not come without consequences for other players in the market. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video saw a decrease in their audience share, with drops of 7% and 9%, respectively, during the same period.

The change highlights a possible reconfiguration in the preferences of Brazilian consumers, who now appear to be seeking alternatives that offer a unique mix of local content and exclusive experiences.

A new era for audience metrics

Interestingly, since 2022, Ibope has adopted a more comprehensive methodology to measure streaming audiences, including all possible devices.

This holistic approach, which also involved a partnership with Netflix, suggests a recognition of the growing importance of streaming as the main means of consuming entertainment in Brazil.

The BBB24 phenomenon at Multishow

Furthermore, BBB24 has stood out not only on Globoplay but also on Multishow, Globo’s variety channel.

Complementary coverage of the program on open TV has attracted a significant number of viewers, with more than 12.5 million people watching the current edition live, after the TV Globo program.

The program "A Elimination", presented by Ana Clara Lima, also saw a 27% increase in its audience, reinforcing the transmedia success of the reality show.

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New Netflix rival brings unprecedented reality to Brazil

As Globoplay establishes itself as a formidable rival to Netflix, it is impossible to ignore the implications for the future of streaming in Brazil.

This movement not only highlights the capacity for innovation and adaptation of local platforms, but also highlights the importance of content that resonates deeply with the Brazilian public.

As the entertainment landscape continues to evolve, one thing is certain: competition is fiercer than ever, promising to bring even more innovation and choice to viewers.

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