approximately R$7.6 BILLION can still be redeemed in the BC system

Around R$7.6 billion in forgotten money awaits redemption at the Central Bank. Find out how to identify whether you are entitled to these amounts and the steps to safely recover them.

In an economic context where every penny counts, surprising news comes to light: around R$7.6 billion awaits redemption in the Central Bank’s Receivable Values ​​System (SVR).

This revelation isn’t just a financial curiosity; It is a real chance for millions of Brazilians and companies to recover forgotten resources. Money that, often, they didn’t even know they were entitled to.

You can have part of the R$7.6 billion in forgotten money available at the Central Bank. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The surprising forgotten money

The amount available in the SVR is divided between individuals and legal entities, with a significant portion reserved for CPFs.

Around R$6.03 billion is allocated to almost 40 million citizens, while R$1.56 billion awaits redemption by 3.1 million CNPJs.

These numbers show that forgetting financial values ​​is a more common reality than one might imagine.

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Small values, big impact

The most intriguing aspect of this situation is the distribution of values. The vast majority of redemptions, 63.49%, are for amounts less than R$10.

Although these values ​​may seem insignificant individually, their sum totals a significant amount.

Furthermore, there are beneficiaries who are entitled to larger amounts, with more than 850,000 people being able to claim more than R$1,000.01.

Where does the forgotten money come from?

In short, these forgotten resources have diverse origins. The majority, almost R$4.4 billion, is in banks.

Consortium administrators follow, with R$2.2 billion, in addition to cooperatives and other financial institutions.

This shows the dispersion of forgotten money in the financial system, reinforcing the importance of regularly checking whether there are amounts to be redeemed.

How to check and retrieve your forgotten money?

Namely, the process for discovering and redeeming these values ​​is relatively simple. The consultation is made exclusively through the official website of the Central Bank.

For redemption, it is essential to have a PIX key. If you do not have one, there are alternatives such as creating a key or arranging another form of receipt with the corresponding financial institution.

Attention to details and precautions

A substantial portion of this amount, R$5.7 billion, has already been redeemed by the end of 2023. This indicates that many Brazilians are benefiting from this opportunity.

However, it is essential to be alert to possible scams and only access the Central Bank’s official website. This care is crucial to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the rescue process.

Take advantage of the chance: recover your forgotten money

This scenario presents an opportunity not only financially, but also educationally.

Furthermore, it serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining control and awareness over our financial resources.

For many, the discovery of forgotten values ​​in the SVR can mean relief in tight times or a small boost for future plans.

In conclusion, it’s a chance to put your money back into your pocket.

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