Apple's new mixed reality glasses are used in everyday life and GO VIRAL: watch the video!

Have you already seen Apple’s new mixed reality glasses? See how this new technology works and how it is going viral on social networks!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to use cutting-edge technology in your daily life, in such a natural way that it becomes part of your routine activities? That’s what happens with the new mixed reality glasses!

This recent event brought this reflection to the surface, showing how close we are to making the extraordinary something everyday. So come and see how it works, you will be surprised!

Apple’s new mixed reality glasses are an interesting device. See how it works! / Photo: publicity

Virtual Reality vs Mixed Reality

Firstly, it is important to understand that virtual reality (VR) glasses and mixed reality (MR) glasses are innovative technologies that transform our interaction with the digital world, but each of them offers a different experience.

Virtual Reality (VR) Glasses

In principle, VR glasses create a completely virtual environment that replaces the real world. When you put on a VR headset, your vision is filled exclusively with digital content, isolating you from the physical environment around you; Commonly used in games, training simulations and entertainment experiences, VR headsets allow you to engage in fully digital scenarios, where you can interact with virtual elements as if they were physically present; In general, they rely on internal screens, motion sensors, head tracking and sometimes manual control to navigate and interact with the virtual environment.

Mixed Reality (MR) Glasses

Mixed reality combines elements of the real world and the virtual world, allowing physical and digital objects to coexist and interact in real time. It is a more advanced and integrated fusion than augmented reality (AR), which often simply superimposes digital objects onto the real world; MR glasses are used in a variety of applications, including design and modeling, education, maintenance and repairs, and gaming . They allow users to see the real world around them while interacting with digital elements coherently integrated into the physical environment; In addition to the features of VR glasses, MR devices use advanced cameras, sensors and software to understand and map the environment physical space, allowing virtual objects to be positioned and behave convincingly within that space.

Now you understood!

In short, the main difference between VR and MR lies in the way each technology integrates the digital world with the physical.

While virtual reality offers a complete escape into an entirely digital universe, mixed reality breaks down the barriers between the real and the virtual, creating a hybrid space where both coexist and interact.

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Casey Neistat, a YouTuber known for his creative and innovative content, decided to take a unique experience to the streets of New York: using the Apple Vision Pro, one of the most advanced mixed reality glasses, in everyday situations.

The result? A video that not only captured the attention of more than five million viewers, but also provoked amazement and admiration among the inhabitants of the metropolis.

Between the real and the virtual

Now, imagine being in Times Square, surrounded by its lights and screens, and seeing someone walking, answering text messages by typing in the air, or simply interacting with elements that only they can see.

This was the reality that Casey presented, challenging the boundaries between physical and digital space with mixed reality glasses.

Following the rhythm of the city

Furthermore, to ensure that this experience was viable throughout the day, a crucial detail was the use of an external battery.

After all, the device’s autonomy is approximately two hours without recharging, a challenge for those who want to explore limitless possibilities.

And you, do you want mixed reality glasses?

Ultimately, Casey Neistat’s story is a glimpse into the potential for mixed reality to transform the way we live, work, and entertain.

We are just at the beginning of this journey, and the future promises to be as surprising as the day mixed reality glasses roamed New York.

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