Apple will integrate AI into iOS this year

During the recent quarterly earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook caused quite a stir by talking about the future of Apple products, especially pointing out the company’s investments in artificial intelligence (AI). In a move that backs up the rumors surrounding iOS 18, Cook has promised exciting details about Apple’s continued work on AI “later this year,” a statement that coincides with the anticipation of WWDC in June.

Apple is positioning iOS 18 as a milestone in AI integration, promising a revolution in interacting with devices through innovative technologies.

Deep AI integration in iOS 18

Apple, known for its significant updates and focus on innovation, believes iOS 18 will be one of its biggest updates to date. This release promises deep system-wide integration of AI technologies, evidenced by references in the iOS 17.4 code that point to Apple testing its own large-scale language model, dubbed Ajax, alongside ChatGPT and others.

Recasting Siri and more

The hype doesn’t end with iOS 18. Apple plans to use AI to significantly improve Siri, its voice assistant. Despite recent criticism, a new implementation of ‘Siri 2.0’ based on modern big language AI models could completely change the current perception. Additionally, AI features are expected throughout the iPhone operating system, including smart replies in Messages, playlist recommendations in Apple Music, and much more.

Announcements and planned releases

As usual, Apple will announce the next major versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS at its developer conference in June, with the operating systems scheduled for release in the fall. Although Cook didn’t explicitly mention WWDC, his “later this year” comment fits this timeline perfectly.

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