Apple TOP 1 in the List of “The most admired companies in the world”

Apple continues its impressive legacy by once again topping Fortune’s prestigious “World’s Most Admired Companies” list, marking the 17th consecutive year that the tech giant has maintained its dominant position. With more than 300 companies in competition, the influence and respect that Apple commands in the business and technological field are indisputable.

Unbroken dominance and global recognition

Apple has not only surpassed giants like Microsoft and Amazon, which occupy second and third place respectively, but it has also led in each of the categories valued by Fortune. These include innovation, quality of management, social responsibility, use of corporate assets, financial strength, quality of products and services, and global competitiveness. This recognition reaffirms Apple’s commitment to excellence and continuous innovation.

While Apple maintains its dominant position on the list, Nvidia emerges as a key player, highlighting the growing impact of AI technology on global businesses.

Nvidia’s meteoric rise

It’s not just Apple that has captured the headlines; Nvidia, known for its GPUs that are essential for generative AI servers, has reached its highest position on the list, coming in at 10th place. This underlines the growing importance of AI technology and the significant role Nvidia plays in this rapidly developing field.

A rigorous selection process

Fortune, in collaboration with Korn Ferry, conducted a meticulous survey of corporate reputations to compile this list. More than 3,720 executives, directors and securities analysts have participated, selecting their 10 most admired companies from a list comprised of those that placed in the top 25% in the previous year’s surveys, as well as those that finished in the top 20 % of your industry. This process demonstrates the rigor and exhaustiveness with which these corporations are evaluated.

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