Apple opts for a foldable device that will not be an iPhone

Apple is in the final stages of defining the design of its first foldable device, after five years of development, according to reports from DigiTimes citing Taiwanese supply chain sources. Contrary to what many might expect, this first folding product from Apple will not be an iPhone, but rather looks more like a tablet or a notebook, expanding the possibilities of use and design in the company’s range of products.

Rumors about Apple’s folding technology have generated expectations in the world of innovation.

Challenges in the conception of the folding device

One of the main challenges in the development of this innovative device lies in creating a panel that meets Apple’s demanding quality standards. Despite significant advances in hinge mechanisms for foldable devices, ensuring a display that meets Apple’s needs remains a priority. The report notes that Samsung’s alleged pause in the development of foldable display panels and internal reorganization to move engineers from the Vision Pro project to the foldable device team are strategic moves focused on ensuring the quality of the final product.

Apple’s foldable future

Apple hasn’t stopped its efforts in foldable technology; On the contrary, it has multiple departments working on different lines of folding products. Technology enthusiasts will have to wait, however, as the launch of Apple’s first foldable device is not expected until 2025 at the earliest. This approach to a device that is not limited to being a phone underlines Apple’s interest in exploring new forms and functionality in the field of foldable technology.

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