Apple Music introduces monthly Replay experience

Apple Music has announced an innovative update for its subscribers, introducing a monthly version of the Apple Music Replay experience. This new feature allows users to obtain detailed statistics about their listening habits on a monthly basis, offering a more immediate and detailed perspective of their interaction with music.

The monthly version of Apple Music offers users a personalized experience, allowing them to precisely discover their favorite artists and songs over time.

A closer look at your music preferences

Unlike the annual version of Apple Music Replay, which offers a retrospective summary of users’ musical year, the monthly version breaks the experience down into more manageable segments. Users can now access data such as total minutes listened to in the previous month, most listened to artists, favorite songs and albums, as well as monthly milestones. This information is not only presented in a concise manner, but is also archived for future reference, allowing users to revisit their Replays from previous months at any time. Check out the news that awaits us for 2024 on Apple Music!

This Apple Music innovation, with monthly statistics, transforms the way users engage with their music, offering unique and personalized insights.

Accessibility and presentation of the new Apple Music feature

To access this feature, users must visit, as the Apple Music Monthly Replay experience remains browser-only for the time being. Unlike its annual counterpart, this monthly version does not include an accompanying playlist that can be added to the user’s library or a summary highlight in the form of a video or animation.

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