Apple implements AI to animate images based on descriptions

In a recent technological breakthrough, Apple has launched an artificial intelligence tool called Keyframer, designed to transform static 2D images into animations using natural language instructions. This innovation, detailed in a new research paper titled "Keyframer: Empowering Animation Design Using Large Language Models," marks a significant milestone in the field of digital animation.

The expansion of Apple Vision Pro to new countries has generated great excitement, with technology fans waiting for them to be available in their respective nations.

Animation Generation with Keyframer

Keyframer differentiates itself from text-to-image systems, such as Dall·E and Midjourney, by addressing the unique challenges of animation, such as timing and coordination, that cannot be fully specified in a single command. This tool allows users to create animated illustrations from SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images using text commands to generate animation CSS code. Users can start with an image, for example a rocket ship, and then request specific animations, such as “generate three layouts where the sky gradually changes color and the stars blink.”

Advantages and Potential of Keyframer

The iterative design process offered by Keyframer represents a significant improvement in efficiency and creative flexibility compared to traditional animation methods. According to the paper’s authors, this approach not only speeds up design prototyping but also keeps creative control in the hands of designers.

Impact and Future of AI at Apple

This development is part of a series of AI advancements by Apple, including AI models that perform pixel-level edits on images and innovative techniques to deploy large language models on Apple devices with limited memory. Additionally, the next version of Apple’s mobile software, iOS 18, is anticipated to include generative AI features, such as an improved version of Siri with ChatGPT-like functionality, which promises to be one of the most significant updates in iPhone history. .

With Keyframer, Apple not only demonstrates its commitment to AI innovation but also provides content creators with a powerful tool to explore new frontiers in animation design. This advance underscores the potential of large language models to revolutionize graphic design and animation, offering new possibilities for creativity and artistic expression.

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