Anvisa turns its attention to eyelash extensions; Will the body PROHIBIT the practice?

Eyelash extension is a practice that quickly became popular and, due to high demand, regulation by Anvisa became necessary.

Beauty and personal care have never been so popular and, with the arrival of trends such as eyelash extensions, the search for the perfect look has become a goal for many.

However, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has raised a warning sign that deserves our attention. Check out the organization's position on the subject!

If you usually have eyelash extensions, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on Anvisa’s new rules. / Photo: Ascom – Anvisa

Anvisa issues statement on the health of Brazilians

Anvisa issued an alert (GGMON 01/2024) about the risks of using unregulated instant glues to attach false eyelashes and artificial nails, especially during Carnival.

This warning was motivated by reports of allergic reactions and eye irritation resulting from the inappropriate use of these glues.

This is the first warning of its kind from the agency, which emphasizes serious health dangers, including the risk of blindness, as these products are not tested for use on skin, nails or eyes.

The guidance is aimed at both consumers and beauty professionals, warning about the dangers of using these stickers for beautification and recommending avoiding their use to prevent serious, including permanent, damage to vision.

The practice that won the hearts of many, eyelash extension, hides risks that cannot be ignored.

Anvisa reported worrying cases of adverse reactions resulting from the use of glues not regulated for this purpose.

Therefore, well-known brands such as Super Bonder, Tekbond and Three Bond, despite being effective in other contexts, are not suitable for aesthetic procedures due to the lack of safety and effectiveness tests for such use.

Worrying eyelash extension case

The story of actress Regina Casé is a real example of the dangers involved. A chemical injury to the cornea, caused by the inappropriate use of instant glue, temporarily compromised her vision.

This incident illustrates the importance of opting for appropriate and regulated products specifically for cosmetic use.

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Anvisa guidelines for a safe procedure

To ensure your safety, Anvisa recommends immediately suspending the use of unregulated instant glues in aesthetic procedures.

It is crucial to choose products intended for this purpose and check their regularization on the Anvisa website, searching for the process number that normally starts with "25351".

Furthermore, it is essential that both consumers and beauty professionals are aware of the risks associated with inappropriate use of these products.

Professionals, in particular, have a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of their customers, and must always choose appropriate products and follow best practices.

Tips for risk-free eyelash extensions

To avoid mishaps and ensure safety during eyelash extensions, follow these recommendations:

Choice of products: prefer reliable brands regulated by Anvisa.Allergy test: perform an allergy test before the procedure by applying a small amount of the product to the skin.Manufacturer’s instructions: strictly follow the instructions for use, respecting the drying times and removal.Avoid contact with eyes: Be careful that the glue does not come into direct contact with the eyes or surrounding skin.

Pay attention to your health!

Anvisa’s warning serves as a valuable reminder that beauty should not compromise health. When opting for aesthetic procedures such as eyelash extensions, information and caution are your greatest allies.

Always remember to check the regularity of the products and, in case of doubts or adverse reactions, do not hesitate to seek specialized medical advice.

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