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Netflix announces the end of the service on old devices, bringing changes for subscribers. Learn how these changes affect your streaming experience and what to expect in the future.

Netflix, an entertainment titan that reinvented the way we consume films and series, is constantly evolving.

Since its launch in Brazil in 2011, the platform has been a safe haven for film and television aficionados, offering a wide range of original and licensed content.

However, the recent announcement about the end of the service on some older devices has left many subscribers surprised and, in some cases, worried. See the main details below.

Changes to Netflix: Support for certain older devices ends. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

CHANGES to Netflix

The decision to end support for certain television models and devices reflects the rapid evolution of streaming technology.

For Netflix, maintaining a high-quality user experience is paramount. This choice, although difficult, is a reminder that adapting to new technologies is inevitable.

Devices with more than a decade of use will now need to be replaced so that users can continue to enjoy the vast catalog offered by the platform.

Restructuring of Netflix subscription plans

Along with these technological changes, Netflix also restructured its subscription plans.

The discontinuation of the basic ad-free plan, previously the most affordable, marked the beginning of a new era. Currently, users can choose between three plan options:

The plan with ads, for a more affordable price; The standard plan; eO premium.

Thus, the platform meets the different needs and budgets of subscribers.

The impact of competition and the future

The streaming market is highly competitive, with giants like Globoplay, Prime Video, HBO Max and Disney Plus vying for viewers’ attention.

Netflix, with more than 15 million subscribers in Brazil alone, faces the challenge of maintaining its leadership position, while adapting to the demands of an increasingly demanding and diverse audience.

Adaptation and opportunities

For subscribers affected by the end of support on older devices, this moment can be seen as an opportunity. Upgrading to more modern devices not only ensures continued access to Netflix, but also higher viewing quality. Additionally, the restructuring of subscription plans gives users the chance to re-evaluate their needs and choose the option that best suits their lifestyle and media consumption.

Facing the future with optimism

The changes announced by Netflix may initially cause discomfort, but they also pave the way for innovation and improvements.

The platform remains committed to offering quality content and an exceptional user experience.

For us, subscribers, it is an opportunity to evolve along with technology, discovering new ways to enjoy our favorite films and series.

The end of a service on older devices is not the end of our entertainment journey, but rather the beginning of a new chapter full of possibilities.

How you adapt to these changes directly impacts your entertainment experience. Being open to new technologies and flexible to changes in subscription plans can further enrich the way you consume digital content.

After all, the history of Netflix in Brazil and around the world is marked by innovations that often lead us to even more incredible experiences.

And now, with these changes, we are on the verge of exploring new horizons in the vast universe of streaming.

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