AirPods Max in 2024 without adaptive audio: A step back

Rumors about the second generation of AirPods Max suggest that they may not have Adaptive Audio features, a decision that would limit their capabilities compared to more advanced versions of other Apple audio devices, such as the second generation AirPods Pro.

Rumors from Asia indicate limitations for the AirPods Max

According to information released by a Weibo user, known as “Instant Digital”, the new AirPods Max are expected to be launched this year. However, the most significant change would be the inclusion of a USB-C port, maintaining a previous generation processor that would prevent the implementation of Adaptive Audio.

The transition to USB-C on the new AirPods Max reflects Apple’s commitment to standardization and continuous improvement of the user experience on its devices.

What is adaptive audio?

Adaptive Audio encompasses three main functions: Adaptive Noise Control, Custom Volume and Conversation Awareness. These features dynamically adjust noise control and media volume based on environmental conditions and user preferences, enhancing the listening experience in various environments.

The absence of the H2 Chip in the AirPods Max

These advanced features, exclusive to the second-generation AirPods Pro, require the processing power of the H2 chip. The first generation of AirPods Max, equipped with the H1 chip, did not receive Adaptive Audio through a software update, indicating that the H2 chip will continue to be absent in the second generation of these headphones.

Apple New AirPods MAX – Space Gray Apple-designed dynamic transducer that delivers high-fidelity soundActive noise cancellation that filters out external sound and lets you immerse yourself in the musicSurround sound, like in the movies

Comparison with second generation AirPods Pro

Despite the high price of the AirPods Max, the second-generation AirPods Pro could continue to offer superior hardware and software, including features like the H2 chip, Bluetooth 5.3, Adaptive Audio, better active noise cancellation, skin detection sensors, resistance to sweat and water, the U1 chip, Precise Location and support for MagSafe and Qi charging.

Expectations for the launch

Apple’s revamped over-ear headphones are expected to launch in late 2024, along with two models of fourth-generation AirPods, marking a significant update to Apple’s line of audio products.

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