AirPlay in iOS 17 for hotel TVs

With the release of iOS 17.3 and iPadOS 17.3, Apple is introducing an innovative feature that allows users to wirelessly stream content from their iPhone or iPad directly to compatible TVs in hotel rooms via AirPlay. This feature, scheduled to roll out in the coming months, represents a major advance in the convenience and personalization of hotel entertainment experiences.

Integration with LG smart TVs

LG, which announced it is the first manufacturer to offer this capability, expects the first hotels to begin installing AirPlay-enabled smart TVs "later this spring," indicating the feature should be available no later than mid-June. This compatibility will not only be present in new hotel room TV models but could also be enabled through a software update on some existing models.

Collaboration with hotel chains

Apple first revealed this feature at WWDC 2023, mentioning that IHG Hotels & Resorts would be the first chain to offer it in certain hotels. IHG owns several recognized hotel brands both in the United States and internationally, including Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Kimpton, among others.

AirPlay operation in hotels

Once available, this feature will allow users to scan a unique QR code on their hotel room TV to establish an AirPlay connection. This will enable wireless streaming of videos, music, and photos from the iPhone or iPad to the TV. Additionally, the pairing process will also automatically connect the device to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network, offering a seamless and hassle-free user experience.

LG highlighted the simplicity of this system, noting that there are no logins, passwords, or separate app downloads required, making it the easiest way for hotels to allow guests to access their personal entertainment apps and accounts. on the big screen in their rooms.

Comparison with Google options

It’s important to mention that Google already offers a similar casting feature with Chromecast on some hotel TVs, compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

With thousands of hotels in the US alone, it is anticipated that the rollout of AirPlay compatible TVs will be a gradual process. However, where available, this feature promises to significantly improve the guest experience, allowing them to stream content quickly and without interruptions.

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