After all, who will be able to receive the R$9.2 THOUSAND benefit approved by the president?

The announcement of a new benefit of R$9,200 stirred the spirits of most Brazilians. However, it is necessary to understand that not everyone will have access to it.

On February 19, 2024, a significant milestone was reached in the field of Brazilian education with the approval of a new benefit of R$9,200 by the Lula government, aimed at low-income students enrolled in public high school. from across the country.

This specific program, officially known as Pé de Meia, represents an effort by the Federal Government to encourage education among the most vulnerable sections of society, providing significant financial support.

However, anyone who believes that it is enough to be from a low-income family to have access to transfers, as explained in the next topics of this content, is mistaken.

The benefit of R$9,200 is intended for a specific group of Brazilians | Image: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

A Detailed Look at the Benefit of R$9.2 Thousand

The Pé de Meia program is nothing less than an intelligent initiative that seeks to alleviate the economic difficulties faced by low-income families, ensuring that their children can stay in school and complete high school.

This benefit of R$9,200 is specifically intended for families registered in the Single Registry (CadÚnico), emphasizing the importance of keeping registration data updated and having a valid CPF for the benefited student.

The selection of beneficiaries will be made through a cross-analysis between information provided by federal institutes or education departments and data from the Federal Revenue Service and CadÚnico itself.

Impact and Reach expected by the Federal Government

With a projection of benefiting around 2.5 million students and an estimated annual investment of R$7 billion, the Federal Government demonstrates its commitment to promoting equal educational opportunities among Brazilians.

This program not only financially assists low-income families with a benefit of R$9,200, but also encourages young people to remain in the educational system, contributing to reducing school dropout rates.

Eligibility Criteria and Program Rules

Pé de Meia is an accessible program for students aged 14 to 24, duly enrolled in high school in public schools and members of families registered with CadÚnico, with initial priority for Bolsa Família beneficiaries.

The rules imposed by the government establish clear criteria for maintaining the benefit, such as the need for school approval and the prohibition of fraud or irregularities.

Furthermore, special situations allow the withdrawal of any accumulated balance, providing beneficial flexibility for students upon completing high school.

An example of government efforts in relation to education

The Pé de Meia program, therefore, reflects a significant advance in Brazilian educational policy, directly addressing issues of inequality and access to education.

After all, by providing direct financial support to low-income students, through this R$9,200 benefit, the Federal Government is not only investing in the future of these young Brazilians, but also in building a more egalitarian and educated society.

This program can even serve as a model for other countries looking for effective ways to combat educational inequality and promote social development.

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