Afraid of the dengue mosquito? These 10 plants will keep you well AWAY!

Dengue is a serious problem that is returning to focus in Brazil. For this reason, it is important to do what you can to scare away the dengue mosquito, such as planting a few things.

Did you know that your garden can be a strong ally in the fight against the dengue mosquito? Yes that’s right! In addition to beautifying the environment and purifying the air, some plants have natural properties capable of repelling these undesirable insects.

Imagine being able to relax outdoors, enjoy your green space and, at the same time, protect your family in a natural and sustainable way. See how!

Do you want to keep the dengue mosquito away from your home? See how with the help of plants! / Photo: publicity

Plants that keep dengue mosquitoes away

Each plant has its special secret, its unique aroma that keeps mosquitoes away, while bringing beauty and diverse benefits to your home and life.

To find out which ones can help you deal with this unwanted guest on a daily basis, see some of the best ones to have at home!


Firstly, oregano is not just an essential seasoning in Mediterranean cuisine; it is a fortress against mosquitoes.

Its strong, spicy aroma is a natural repellent, making it a valuable ally in the garden. Easy to grow and maintain, oregano is perfect for those looking for practical and natural solutions.


The marigold, with its vibrant colors, goes far beyond aesthetics. The flowers release compounds that work as natural repellents, forming an invisible barrier against mosquitoes.

Planting them around the house or in pots near entrances is an effective and colorful protection strategy.


Next, citronella is known for its repellent power, with its oil present in many commercial products. Its intense citrus smell confuses mosquitoes, making it difficult for humans to locate it.

Growing citronella around your home is an efficient way to keep mosquitoes away.


Furthermore, fennel, with its unique aroma and delicate flavor, is another plant that mosquitoes dislike.

Its leaves and seeds contain repellent compounds, making fennel an elegant and useful addition to your garden or porch.


Lavender is admired for its relaxing properties and pleasant scent. What many don’t know is that it is also an effective defense against mosquitoes.

Furthermore, planting lavender around the house is a way to combine beauty, tranquility and protection.


Rosemary, in addition to being a wonderful spice, has properties that repel mosquitoes.

In short, its strong and characteristic aroma is a natural shield, perfect for growing in pots close to outdoor living areas.

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Basil is not only essential in Italian cuisine; its strong, fresh aroma is a natural repellent.

In fact, growing basil in pots or in the garden is an effective way to keep mosquitoes away, ensuring extra protection during your time outdoors.


Known for its calming properties, lemon balm is also an enemy of mosquitoes.

In short, its refreshing citrus scent is unpleasant to insects, making it an excellent choice for gardens and balconies.


Bay leaves, widely used in cooking, have leaves with repellent properties.

Its strong, spicy aroma is an obstacle to mosquitoes, making laurel a practical and evergreen option for those looking for natural protection solutions.


Finally, sage, known for its culinary uses, also has its place in defending against mosquitoes. Its strong, earthy scent is repulsive to insects, making sage a valuable addition to your green space.

Keep the dengue mosquito away!

Each of these plants brings its own essence and strength in the battle against dengue mosquitoes. Therefore, by choosing them for your garden or balcony, you not only beautify your space, but also create a natural protective barrier.

It is nature offering elegant and effective solutions for a more peaceful and secure life. Cultivate these wonders and enjoy a mosquito-free environment!

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