Account with AUTOMATIC income through Itaú from R$ 2 REAIS: find out everything!

Customers who put money into an Itaú account can receive automatic income. Check out all the details of this application.

Itaú Unibanco, a giant on the Brazilian and global financial scene, is an emblematic example of innovation, resilience and leadership in the banking sector.

Founded in 1945, Itaú has a history marked by strategic mergers, international expansion and a constant search for excellence in financial services.

Even so, the traditional bank needs to face the wave of fintechs – financial institutions that operate digitally. For this reason, Itaú announced a new financial application for its customers.

Itaú launches new financial application; see how it works

Itaú Unibanco took a significant step in favor of its account holders on February 9, 2024, by announcing a change in automatic application regulations.

Now, even minimum amounts of R$2.00 can automatically pay off in customers’ accounts. In other words, a drastic reduction compared to the previous limit of R$20,000.

This measure democratizes access to low-risk investments, promoting financial inclusion and wealth growth opportunities for a broader spectrum of clients.

Innovation in banking services

Itaú’s initiative simplifies the investment process, allowing small balances in current accounts to generate income without additional effort on the part of account holders.

The user experience remains unchanged, with the promise that everyday banking operations, such as withdrawals, payments and transfers, will continue to occur normally.

Furthermore, income can be easily tracked through the bank’s app.

Yield and conditions

Automatic application to Itaú’s Bank Deposit Certificate (CDB) offers a low-risk investment option with the security of the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC).

Yields vary depending on the investment period, with rates starting at 10% of the DI for investments of 30 to 89 days, reaching 100% of the DI for periods of 719 days. This tiered structure encourages account holders to maintain their investments for the long term.

Auto-apply policy

Until February 21, 2024, the automatic application will begin with a balance of R$200, always keeping R$10 unapplied.

After this date, the policy becomes even more accessible, with application starting from just R$2, leaving R$1 unapplied.

This change represents a significant evolution in the way Itaú approaches the management of small balances, enabling more customers to benefit from income on their resources.

Check out the main financial applications

It is worth noting that, in addition to Itaú, several banks offer financial investment options to their customers.

Tesouro Direto allows the purchase of federal public bonds, a safe and accessible choice for those looking to diversify with low risk.

Savings, traditional and beloved by Brazilians, is known for its ease and security, although it yields less than other options. Several traditional banks, such as Itaú, offer the possibility.

CDBs are issued by banks, with higher yields than savings and also protected by the FGC, varying according to the term and amount invested.

Each of these applications suits different financial profiles and objectives. Tesouro Direto is recommended for those looking for security and fixed income.

Savings, despite lower returns, are an option for those who value immediate liquidity.

CDBs, in turn, are versatile, adapting to different deadlines and return expectations. Knowing these options is essential for a balanced and conscious investment strategy.

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