A R$1.00 Volleyball coin can make a FORTUNE: do you have any saved?

A simple coin can make you a lot of money. This is a special commemorative item that many may be familiar with.

Did you know that a simple 1 real coin kept in your wallet can be a hidden treasure? That’s right!

The 1 real volleyball coin, issued in 2015, has aroused the interest of collectors and numismatic enthusiasts, and can reach impressive values ​​on the market. Check out more details!

Have you ever seen this volleyball coin? See how much it could be worth! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

The allure of rare coins

Rare coins carry with them stories and cultural landmarks, becoming objects of desire for many. The volleyball coin, for example, stands out for its limited edition and unique features.

Factors such as year of issue, minting errors, and condition, for example, directly influence its value.

Valued characteristics

Year of issue: firstly, coins from specific years, especially those with a limited run, are highly valued; Minting errors: next, errors such as faulty or misaligned printings can significantly increase the value of the coin; Limited run: furthermore, the smaller the quantity produced, the greater its potential value;Conservation status: well-preserved coins, without scratches or wear, are more attractive to collectors.

What’s special about the volleyball coin?

Several aspects influence the price of commemorative 1 real volleyball coins, including their scarcity, state of preservation, market demand and interest among numismatic aficionados.

It is crucial to consider these criteria and carry out a detailed numismatic analysis to establish the value of a collector’s coin.

Check out the details of the R$1 volleyball coin / Source: Numismática Coan

The price of a commemorative 1 real coin can vary widely. Certain pieces in this category can reach prices above R$900.00 and, in special cases, such as unique minting errors or fierce disputes at auctions, the value can be even higher.

However, the definitive price will be determined by these variables and current market interest.

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How to evaluate and where to sell

Before thinking about selling your coin, an accurate assessment is crucial. Numismatic experts can help with this process.

For sale, there are several options, from specialized stores and auctions to e-commerce platforms. The important thing is to guarantee the authenticity and condition of the coin to maximize its value.

Keeping coins in ideal condition is essential. Use acrylic capsules or albums suitable for numismatics, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight or humidity. When cleaning, always seek the guidance of a professional to avoid damaging the piece.

If you have a volleyball real coin, or any other rare coin, know that you could be holding a little treasure.

The universe of numismatics is full of surprises and each piece has its own story. Who knows, maybe it's time to revisit your collection and discover the value it might hide?

Other examples worth noting

Finally, the 1 real coin from the Olympic flag, launched in 2012, is an example of a valued piece among collectors, and can reach high values ​​due to its symbolism and limited edition.

Another example is the 50-cent coin from the "Effigy of the Republic" series, minted in 1998, which stands out for its low circulation, making it rare and desired in the numismatic market, with prices that may surprise holders of these small relics.

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