A 20-cruzine coin is worth R$1,000; Look in your grandparents' house!

Many people believe that only coins with errors can be worth money, but the truth is that an old coin also has its value!

Have you ever imagined that a simple coin kept in a drawer could be worth a small fortune? Well, in the fascinating world of numismatics, some pieces carry incredible stories and surprising values.

Whether due to a printing error, being commemorative or being an old item, each of these coins can carry a secret that makes them worth a lot of money. Let’s go?

Do you have a Cruzeiro coin lying around? Know that it can be worth incredible value! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

A window into history

In 1972, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Brazil’s independence, a 20-cruzeiro coin was launched which, in addition to its monetary value at the time, carried a deep historical meaning.

With the effigy of Dom Pedro I, proclaimer of independence, and the then president Emílio Garrastazu Médici, this coin symbolizes a link between past and present, marking a sesquicentenary of freedom and national sovereignty.

Distinctive features of the currency

The coin, minted by the French Mint, stands out for its unique characteristics:

Monetary standard: Cruzeiro (1967-1979)Metal: Silver, with a content of 900Diameter: 34.1mmWeight: 18.04gEdge: Smooth, with the inscription "Sesquicentenary of Independence"

With these details, the piece not only captures a historical moment but also displays the artistic excellence and quality of the coinage of the time.

Current value: a numismatic surprise

The most surprising thing is the current value of this relic. Depending on the state of conservation, a 20-cruzeiro coin from 1972 can reach significant values ​​on the numismatic market.

In 2024, certified and well-preserved pieces are being traded for around R$1,000.00, a true treasure hidden among common objects.

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Care and considerations

For collecting enthusiasts or those who happen to find one of these coins, it is important to know that conservation directly influences their value.

Inadequate cleaning can reduce its value, therefore, any intervention must be done with caution and knowledge.

Pay attention to the condition of the coin

The conservation status of coins are classifications that indicate the degree of wear and preservation of a numismatic piece.

They range from "Flor de Cunho", indicating coins without any signs of wear, as if they had just been minted, to "Circulated", in which the coin shows obvious signs of use and wear. Intermediate terms such as "Very Well Preserved" (MBC) and "Under" (Supersalient) reflect moderate levels of preservation.

The accurate assessment of the condition is crucial, as it directly impacts the value of a coin for collectors and dealers, being a determining factor in numismatics.

How to sell these items?

Finally, to sell collectible coins, explore online platforms specializing in numismatics or participate in collectors’ fairs and events.

Ensure good presentation by providing accurate details about the state of conservation. Establish a fair price, based on recent market assessments, to attract interested buyers.

Look for one at home!

The 1972 20-cruiser commemorative coin is more than just a collectible; it is a piece of our history, a testimony to our independence and an example of the cultural richness that can be hidden in the most unexpected places.

If you are lucky enough to find one of these treasures, know that you have not only an item of considerable monetary value, but also a valuable fragment of Brazilian legacy.

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