A 1 real coin with a little bird on it can be worth more than R$20,000; you have one?

Find out how a 1 real coin can be worth more than R$20,000 and discover the fascinating world of numismatics.

Have you ever thought that that 1 real coin lost at the bottom of the drawer could be a great hidden treasure?

In the numismatic world, some coins transcend their nominal value and become precious.

This is the case of a certain 1 real coin, which, due to a singular detail, can be worth more than R$20,000. A real surprise for many! Find out more below.

Do you have a 1 real coin at home? It can be a hidden treasure!

How to assess the value of a coin?

Determining the value of a coin is not just a matter of looking at its face value. There are several aspects to consider.

Rarity, for example, is a crucial factor. Coins produced in small quantities or with unique characteristics are highly valued.

The state of conservation is also vital; Coins in near-original condition, without significant wear, tend to be more valued.

Furthermore, collector market demand and authenticity are essential. Every detail, from small marks to the material used, can indicate a greater value.

However, to evaluate correctly, it is recommended to consult an experienced numismatician or use price guides and specialized catalogs.

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The rarity of the Hummingbird: the 1 real coin that is worth a fortune

Among these rarities is the 1 real coin with an engraved hummingbird. What makes it special? It needs to be bifacial, that is, have the same designs on both sides.

In short, this characteristic makes it a coveted piece among collectors. But it’s not just the hummingbird design that can increase the value of a coin.

For example, the 1 real coin from 1998 with the letter "P" can be worth more than R$30,000. This letter indicates that the coin was a prototype, increasing its rarity and, consequently, its value.

What is numismatics?

Numismatics, the study and collection of coins and banknotes, is a fascinating portal into history, art and economics.

Numismaticians not only collect, but investigate the origin, production and historical significance of each piece.

For them, each coin is a piece of history, an artifact that tells a chapter of the past.

How to start numismatics and identify valuable coins?

Finally, for those who want to enter this world, the key is knowledge. Understanding market values, rarity and condition is essential.

Participating in auctions, conventions and online groups opens the door to this adventure. And of course, learning to identify fakes and understanding coin evaluation criteria is essential.

In conclusion, by gaining experience and knowledge, collectors and dealers can make profitable deals.

But it’s not just about profit; it is also a passion for the history and art printed on each coinage.

So, if you’re curious about your 1 real coins, it might be time to explore this fascinating and potentially profitable world. Who knows what your coins might reveal?

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