8 tips to protect your cell phone and theft via PIX during Carnival 2024 festivities

Protect your cell phone and finances during Carnival 2024 with these 8 essential tips to avoid theft and scams. Ensure a safe and peaceful party!

Carnival is one of the most anticipated festivals in Brazil in 2024, but it is also a time when we must pay attention to the safety of our belongings, especially cell phones and wallets.

According to data from Serasa, the occurrence of theft and robberies tends to increase during the season. Cell phones, in particular, are one of the most frequent targets, representing 48% of reported cases.

To ensure you enjoy the festivities without worries, we present eight valuable tips to protect your cell phone and your finances during Carnival 2024.

Carnival 2024: Keep your cell phone and money safe with insurance and safety tips. (Photo: Disclosure).

Tips to protect your cell phone and financial life during the festivities in 2024

Check out, in the lines below, practical tips to protect your cell phone and financial life during Carnival:

1. Cell phone insurance

Start by checking whether your cell phone has comprehensive insurance that covers accidental damage, theft or loss. Make sure the policy is valid before joining the party.

Additionally, consider joining "Celular Seguro", a federal government system that allows you to block stolen or stolen cell phones across the country.

This can be done by registering on the gov.br website and appointing trusted people to assist with blockages, if necessary.

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2. Backup cell phone for Carnival 2024

To avoid risks to your main device, consider using an old cell phone during street parties and other parties. Store it safely, like in a money changer, along with your card or cash.

3. Passwords and tracking

Protect your cell phone with passwords and avoid leaving it unattended in public places. It is also advisable to use tracking applications to locate the device in case of loss or theft.

4. Card security

Carry your cards in a money changer or in a safe place, always keeping them nearby to prevent theft.

Consider using prepaid cards to limit the amount available and reduce your risk in the event of a loss. Also, hide your card number and security key.

5. Bank app protection

Increase security by enabling two-factor authentication in banking apps. Furthermore, during the festivities, avoid accessing these applications on public Wi-Fi networks, opting for secure connections.

6. Backup documents

Digitize your important documents like ID and cards and store them in a secure location in the cloud.

In other words, keep physical copies of documents in a safe, easily accessible location in case of emergencies.

7. Account monitoring

Activate transaction alerts on your bank accounts to quickly identify suspicious activity. Regularly review your bank statement to detect any unauthorized transactions.

8. Financial planning for Carnival 2024

Establish a budget for your expenses during Carnival and avoid carrying large amounts of cash. This will help avoid financial problems after the party.

There is also an EXTRA tip: enjoy Carnival in a group, as this provides greater safety.

Therefore, maintain constant communication with your friends, sharing location and plans, which is an effective practice to prevent incidents.

By following these tips, you will be better prepared to enjoy Carnival 2024 without worrying about the security of your cell phone and your finances.

Finally, remember that prevention is the best way to guarantee moments of fun and joy during this long-awaited party.

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