6 tips to INCREASE your INSS benefit above R$1,400

Many don’t know, but there are ways to increase your INSS benefit and start earning more than previously stipulated. There are several steps to this!

Increasing the INSS (National Social Security Institute) benefit is a common objective among policyholders and there are several legal strategies to achieve it.

So, if you believe that you receive much less than you should in relation to your monthly payments, see how you can make it increase a lot!

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How to increase the INSS benefit?

First of all, INSS policyholders who may be entitled to increase their benefit are those who identify errors in the retirement calculation, have unaccounted for contribution periods, have had gains in labor actions, or fall under specific revisions such as ‘Black Hole’ ‘, adjustment for the social security cap or the review of ‘Whole Life’.

Additionally, those who performed unhealthy or special activities may also have their benefit recalculated to reflect these conditions. Therefore, to maximize the value of your INSS retirement, explore these six strategies.

1. Public service time endorsement

How it works: firstly, if you worked in the public sector, you can include this period in your total contribution time to the INSS;Benefit: increases the retirement calculation base, potentially increasing the initial monthly income.

2. Inclusion of gains from labor actions

Applicability: then, if you have won a labor action that corrected salary data, it is possible to request a review of the INSS benefit;Impact: correcting data may result in an increase in the value of your retirement, adequately reflecting your contributions.

3. ‘Black Hole’ Fix

Target period: in addition, it is used for benefits granted between October 1988 and April 1991; Effect: the monthly income is recalculated with inflation adjustment, which can result in a substantial increase in the benefit.

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4. Adjustment based on the minimum wage adjustment

Context: in short, it applies to benefits with contribution wages before March 1994; Result: the initial monthly income is recalculated, considering the full variation in the minimum wage adjustment index from February 1994, potentially increasing the value of the benefit.

5. Ceiling limit review

Scope: in addition, benefits reached by the social security ceiling in the concession, between April 1991 and December 2003; Consequence: the review considers the readjustments resulting from constitutional amendments, adjusting the benefit to values ​​that should have been originally applied.

6. ‘Whole Life’ Analysis

Guideline: finally, benefits granted after November 1999 can incorporate all contribution wages, not limited to those after July 1994; Advantage: benefits insured persons with high contributions before 1994, allowing the benefit calculation to more accurately reflect all contributory life.

How do I request a benefit increase?

To request a review of the benefit through Meu INSS, access the portal (meu.inss.gov.br) or the application and log in with your CPF and password registered on gov.br.

On the home page, select the "Appointments/Requests" option and click on "New Request". Search for "Review" and select the desired option.

Fill in the requested data and attach the necessary documents to prove the right to review. Finally, confirm the order and track its progress on the platform.

Now you know how to increase your INSS benefit!

Each of these strategies can significantly contribute to increasing the value of your retirement.

However, a careful analysis of each situation is essential, preferably with the assistance of a specialist in social security law, to ensure applicability and maximize benefits.

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