6 things you need to know so you don't END up your cell phone during the summer heat

Using your cell phone in summer is essential, just like in other seasons. However, this is a moment that could end your device.

Summer has arrived with everything, and with it, temperatures that challenge not only our well-being, but also that of our mobile devices.

Did you know that excessive heat can seriously affect your cell phone? So it’s good to know about some simple but effective measures to ensure your tech companion gets through the summer without a hitch. Let’s go?

In the heat, some household appliances and electronics, such as cell phones, can be damaged. See how to protect yours! / Photo: publicity

Ways to protect your cell phone in summer

A cell phone is a device that, although it is resistant to certain things, is still very sensitive in certain environments. An example of this is that it can spoil in very hot or cold places.

Therefore, it is always important to take extra care with your cell phone in the summer, as it could break down or even something could happen to the battery. Check out some tips.

Avoid direct exposure to the sun

First of all, the first and most important tip is to avoid leaving your cell phone exposed directly to the sun or in environments with a high incidence of it.

In short, intense sunlight can not only heat up the device quickly but also damage the screen and affect the battery capacity.

Be careful in closed environments

Next, avoiding leaving your cell phone in places like the inside of a car parked in the sun is crucial. Again, this is because places can get extremely hot.

The temperatures in these environments can greatly exceed those outside, creating a "greenhouse" that increases the risk of the device overheating.

Pay attention to the use of covers

Although cases protect your cell phone, on days of extreme heat, they can contribute to an increase in the device’s temperature.

Consider removing the case if you notice that your phone is getting hotter than usual. This is a good idea even when you are charging the device.

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Safe charging

Avoid charging your cell phone in stuffy places, such as under your pillow, for example. The heat generated during charging, combined with the lack of ventilation, can lead to overheating.

When leaving the device to charge, ensure that it will be in a place where the temperature does not increase as much, such as tables with stone tops, for example.

Temperature Monitoring

Keep an eye on overheating notifications. Many cell phones nowadays alert you when the temperature is too high, suspending activities until the device cools down.

In fact, also avoid leaving your cell phone in hot places, such as microwaves or ovens, which can end up overheating your device.

Moderate cell phone use

Finally, moderate your cell phone use on very hot days. Games and applications that require a lot of the processor can accelerate the device’s heating.

When this happens, your device’s processor needs to work hard to make it able to run all of this, but as it cannot regulate its own temperature, it harms itself.

Finally, by following these simple tips, you will ensure not only the longevity of your cell phone but also a safe and pleasant usage experience during hot summer days.

So, take good care of your device so it can continue to be your partner in every season! Remember that small actions make all the difference.

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