5 steps to END your car's automatic transmission: mechanics thank you

Avoid damaging your car’s automatic transmission by following these 5 essential steps. Learn how common practices can harm your transmission and lead to expensive repairs.

The popularity of automatic transmission in new vehicles is undeniable, providing a more comfortable drive by eliminating the need for manual gear shifting.

But carelessness with this technology can lead to serious and costly problems. Below, see 5 examples of how to destroy your vehicle’s automatic transmission and then spend a fortune on the mechanic.

Protect your vehicle’s automatic transmission with our 5-step guide. Learn the actions you should avoid to ensure transmission longevity and efficiency. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

Habits that DETONATE your car’s automatic transmission

See below:

1. Abusing gear changes on the move

Firstly, a common mistake is to switch from "D" to "R" or vice versa while the car is still moving.

This practice, especially harmful in older models with mechanical gear drive, can cause significant damage to the transmission system, increasing the chances of a premature visit to the mechanic.

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2. Attempts to "Paste no Tranco"

Attempting to start an automatic vehicle by "taking it in stride" is a risky practice that threatens not only the transmission, but also other vital engine components, such as the timing belt.

This method, in addition to being ineffective in automatic cars due to the need for electricity for the injection system, can result in severe damage to the engine and transmission itself, increasing the risk of costly repairs.

3. Ignoring gear oil maintenance

Negligence in maintenance and changing the transmission oil is a sure path to problems. This is because the automatic transmission depends on adequate fluid to run smoothly.

In this context, a lack of attention to leaks or failure to carry out the changes recommended by the manufacturer can lead to accelerated wear of internal parts, jerks during gear shifting and even complete system failures.

4. Using the accelerator to "hold" the car on inclines

Holding the car over bumps or inclines using the accelerator, instead of the brakes, creates unnecessary effort for the automatic transmission.

This practice, in addition to increasing fuel consumption, increases the temperature of the transmission oil, contributing to premature wear of the system and compromising its efficiency.

5. Put the automatic transmission in neutral during temporary stops

Finally, the habit of putting the gearbox in neutral during temporary stops, such as at traffic lights, is another common mistake.

Although this practice is suitable for manual vehicles to preserve the clutch, in automatic vehicles, it is recommended to keep the gear in "D" with your foot on the brake.

This ensures that the hydraulic system remains pressurized and internal parts are properly lubricated, preventing unnecessary wear.

Ultimately, taking care of your car’s automatic transmission is not just a matter of maintenance, but also of correct use.

Avoiding these five common mistakes could mean the difference between a healthy transmission and a costly trip to the mechanic.

Remember, automatic transmission can offer many advantages in terms of comfort and ease of use, but only if treated with due care and attention.

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