5 Samsung cell phones have their days numbered; users are DESPERATE

Samsung announces the end of updates for five popular models in 2024, causing an uproar among users. Explore alternatives and discover the best Samsung cell phones for this year.

In a world where technology is almost an extension of our being, a Samsung announcement caused a real earthquake in the smartphone universe.

The news that five popular Samsung cell phones will no longer receive updates from 2024 has generated shock waves among users.

This decision is not just about technological evolution, but also about how we relate to and depend on these devices in our daily lives. Find out more below.

Samsung users face a dilemma as updates on five beloved models end. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

Imagine waking up one day and discovering that your favorite Samsung phone will no longer receive updates. That’s what’s happening now!

Samsung, the electronics giant, with millions of fans in Brazil and around the world, made a shocking announcement.

Five beloved smartphone models from the brand are about to become obsolete in 2024. Yes, you read that right: obsolete!

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Which Samsung cell phones will be discontinued in 2024?

The news came like a bolt of lightning for Samsung users.

While some models, such as the Galaxy S21 line and others launched later, celebrate the arrival of Android 14 with One UI 6.0, others are on the sidelines.

Models such as Galaxy A23, A33, A52 and A72 are also on the privileged list. But who are the forgotten ones?

List of the ‘convicted’: which Samsung cell phones will be forgotten?

Get ready, because the list may contain your daily companion: Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy S20, Galaxy A51 and the Galaxy A71.

Although they will still have security updates for some time, these models will not have access to new features. A harsh reality for many!

When will the updates arrive?

Samsung maintains suspense over the exact launch date of One UI 6.0.

If we follow the Android 13 2022 pattern, the hope is that the update will arrive by the beginning of 2024. However, for owners of the ‘doomed’ models, it is a fruitless wait.

Users’ response

In principle, the news caused a real storm on social networks and technology forums. Users expressed everything from disappointment to outrage.

Many question the sustainability of a business model that appears to force consumers to purchase new devices more frequently than desired.

What to do now?

For affected users, the question now is what to do. In this sense, some may choose to keep their current devices, despite the limitations.

Others may see this as an opportunity to explore new models or even different brands.

What are the best Samsung cell phones in 2024?

According to several experts, there are incredible options from Samsung for 2024. With prices and features to suit all tastes, highlights include:

Galaxy A34 5G: RAM memory for R$1,549.Galaxy M34 5G: Robust 6,000 mAh battery for R$1,169.Galaxy A23 5G: 5G connectivity for R$1,169.Galaxy M14: Excellent value for money for R$989.Galaxy A04 : Practicality in everyday life for R$899.Galaxy A14: Camera-focused for R$799.Galaxy A04e: The most affordable option for R$599.

In conclusion, in this ever-changing technological world, evolution is inevitable. For Samsung fans, it’s time to adapt and explore new possibilities.

While some models say goodbye, others emerge with promises of innovation and practicality. So stay tuned and choose wisely!

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