5 franchises for you to work from home and invest a little!

Explore five low-investment home office franchises for 2024! Find the perfect opportunity to balance work and personal life, working from home flexibly and securely.

Have you ever thought about having your own business without leaving home? With the advancement of home office, franchises that operate remotely have become an excellent option.

In 2024, this trend remains strong, offering flexibility and low initial investment. Let’s explore five home-based franchises that are transforming the way of entrepreneurship in Brazil.

They combine the freedom of remote work with the security of a tried and tested business model. Follow along!

Discover the best home-based franchises to invest in in 2024. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

5 franchises for you in 2024

First of all, it is important to highlight that the convenience of working from home has attracted many entrepreneurs.

This is because, without the need for a physical space, the work model allows you to save on rent and operating expenses.

Furthermore, flexible working hours allow you to better balance your professional and personal lives. Below, you will discover five franchises that offer this freedom and promise an interesting return with an affordable initial investment.

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Home Office Franchises to Invest in 2024

Check out:

EfincKids – Children's Financial Education

In summary, EfincKids is an innovative franchise in the area of ​​financial education for children and adolescents.

With an exclusive methodology, this franchise integrates with schools, offering a completely home-based business model.

In this sense, you will only need to make face-to-face visits for implementation and monitoring, the rest is managed from home.

Health Money – Consulting for SMEs

Ideal for those with expertise in finance and management, Health Money operates 100% online. This microfranchise offers strategic and financial consultancy for small and medium-sized companies, including controllership and financial BPO services.

So, work from anywhere and help companies prosper.

ONLY Fines – Legal Aid in Traffic

SÓ Multas specializes in traffic issues, such as infractions and administrative proceedings. The franchise allows you to work entirely from home, making it a great option for those looking for total flexibility.

Help drivers resolve their problems with traffic legislation without leaving home!

Power Mais Photovoltaic Energy – Solar Energy Solutions

With the growth of the solar energy market, Power Mais stands out as a promising franchise.

After the sale, the entire technical operation is managed by the head office, allowing the franchisee to focus on sales and customer service.

It is, therefore, an excellent option for anyone interested in sustainability.

AF Crédito Financial Solutions – Insurance and Credit

Originally from São José do Rio Preto, AF Crédito allows you to work with insurance and credit in a flexible way.

With the ability to operate full-time or part-time, this franchise adapts to your lifestyle without the need for a physical office.


In summary, working from home with franchises is a reality in 2024. The options presented offer flexibility, low investment and the opportunity to balance personal and professional life.

Investing in a home-based franchise could be the first step towards realizing your entrepreneurial dream.

Finally, choose the one that suits you best and start your entrepreneurial journey from home!

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