5 essential apps to download before enjoying Carnival 2024

If you’re going to skip Carnival this year, here are some apps you need to download so you can enjoy the party 100% of the time!

With the arrival of Carnival 2024, technology becomes a great ally for those who want to enjoy the festivities with more practicality and safety.

From apps that help you find the nearest bathroom to tools for locating the best blocks, check out six essential apps for your cell phone during Carnival. Let’s go?

If you’re going to skip Carnival this year, it’s a good idea to download some apps that can help you with the festivities. Check which ones! / Photo: Valter Campanato – Agência Brasil

Apps that will save you at Carnival

Check out some apps below that will make all the difference when enjoying Carnival!

Find the best blocks with ease

Firstly, the "Blocos de Rua – Carnaval 2024" application is your definitive guide to not miss any street blocks in the main capitals of Brazil.

Available for Android ( and iPhone ( ) it offers detailed information about the schedule, including location and times, allowing you to personalize your schedule and follow only the blocks that interest you most.

Navigate through the festivities without losing your way

Then, Google Maps becomes an indispensable companion during Carnival, guiding you along the quickest routes and avoiding street closures.

For those who prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle, the native app is also a great tool for finding alternative routes and ensuring you reach your destination without a hitch.

Find your perfect match in the middle of the festivities

Furthermore, Tinder (promises to heat up your Carnival even more, making it easier to meet other singles who are enjoying the same party as you.

With plans ranging from free to Tinder Platinum, the app offers several features to ensure you aren’t alone during the party.

Never be left stranded again looking for a bathroom during Carnival

Now Flush (Android: and iOS: is the app you didn’t know you needed until you did.

Locate public restrooms near you without the need for an internet connection. Essential for those urgent moments in the middle of the festivities.

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Keep your cell phone safe

Furthermore, the recently launched "Safe Cell Phone" (is a true guardian angel for your smartphone during Carnival.

With features ranging from blocking the IMEI to triggering an alarm in case of theft, this app available for Android and iPhone is a must-have for any partygoer.

Stress-free public transport during Carnival

Moovit (Android: and iOS: is your personal assistant for public transport, offering real-time information about buses, trains and subways.

Plan your trips in advance and avoid unnecessary waiting, ensuring more time to enjoy the party.

Technology in your favor at Carnival

With these six apps, your Carnival 2024 promises to be even more vibrant, safe and worry-free.

This way, from the location of the blocks to the security of your cell phone, the technology is there to ensure that your only concern is making the most of every moment of the party. Download now and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Tips to protect yourself during the festivities

To enjoy Carnival safely, follow these essential tips: First, keep your personal belongings, such as your cell phone and wallet, in safe and difficult-to-access places, such as fanny packs or internal money boxes.

Choose comfortable clothing and avoid valuable accessories that may attract attention. Staying hydrated is crucial, so always carry a bottle of water and take regular rest breaks.

Set up a meeting point with your friends in case you get lost in the crowd. Always have a digital copy of your documents stored in the cloud, avoiding taking the originals with you.

Finally, be aware of your drink and your surroundings, not accepting drinks from strangers and avoiding poorly lit or isolated places. With these measures, your Carnival will be full of joy and fun!

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