5 benefits that ALMOST all seniors can receive; check out the list!

Elderly people have a series of important benefits that can make all the difference in their daily lives. However, many do not know what they are.

Did you know that, when you reach 60 years of age, you enter a privileged group entitled to a series of benefits in Brazil? That’s right!

Brazilian legislation, thinking about the well-being and quality of life of the elderly, guarantees a range of advantages, from discounts and exemptions to priority care. Check out!

Did you know that seniors have all these benefits? Check out the list and be surprised by the quantity! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Meu INSS+ card: benefits for seniors

Initially, one of the most powerful tools for the elderly is the Meu INSS+ card. Issued free of charge, it not only serves as an identification document, but also opens doors to a variety of benefits offered by the National Social Security Institute (INSS) and its partner institutions, such as Banco do Brasil and Caixa Econômica Federal.

Uncovering the benefits for seniors

In short, upon reaching the age of 60, a new door opens for the elderly in Brazil, with a variety of benefits designed especially to improve their quality of life.

The My INSS+ card is the key to accessing these privileges. Check out what they all are below and go get your card.

Points and insurance programs at Caixa

Dotz points program: first, accumulate points on purchases that can be exchanged for products or services, offering more flexibility in the budget; Senior life insurance: life insurance adapted to the needs of seniors, with specific coverage and affordable prices; Home insurance easy: protection for your home with conditions and prices designed for the elderly, ensuring peace of mind and security; Special credit and debit cards: cards with special conditions, such as lower rates and exclusive benefits, facilitating financial control.

Discounts at Banco do Brasil

Network of partner establishments: the card then guarantees discounts on a wide network of Banco do Brasil partners, including various services and products, expanding the possibilities of saving in the daily lives of elderly people.

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Savings on medicines

Discounts at pharmacies: one of the most significant benefits, with up to 70% discount on medicines. This savings is crucial, as healthcare costs tend to be one of the main concerns in old age.

More accessible leisure and culture

Cinemas and shows: discounts on tickets to cinemas and shows allow seniors to continue enjoying cultural activities without weighing on their pockets; Travel: offers and discounts on travel, both national and international, opening the doors to new experiences and discoveries at a better age.

Telemedicine facilities

Remote health services: in addition, with telemedicine, seniors have access to discounted online medical consultations, a particularly valuable benefit for those with reduced mobility or who prefer the convenience of care at home.

How can seniors take advantage of these benefits?

Finally, to access all these benefits, follow the step-by-step guide to issue your Meu INSS+ card:

Install the Meu INSS app: (Android: or iOS: up to ‘Beneficiary Wallet’: complete the registration and choose a photo for your digital identification; Agree to the terms of use: make sure you read and accept the terms proposed by the app ;Explore the advantages: with the digital wallet ready, explore and take advantage of the various advantages available.

These benefits are designed to offer seniors more than just financial savings; they aim to enrich lives with experiences, health and safety.

Therefore, if you are already 60 years old or over, be sure to take advantage of these opportunities. And if you know someone who fits this profile, share this valuable information!

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