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Thousands of Brazilians will be able to access an important new payment from Banco do Brasil. To do this, they just need to pay attention to the rules.

Recently, thousands of Brazilians were excited by the news that they will receive up to a minimum wage through Banco do Brasil. The initiative is annual and already allows consultation.

In addition, thousands more will receive similar payments through Caixa Econômica, as this involves the delivery of the annual salary bonus.

Therefore, anyone who does not want to be left out must first check the eligibility rules. Then, they will finally be able to withdraw the extra value from the program. Check out!

Banco do Brasil will transfer important payments of up to a salary to these Brazilians. Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Banco do Brasil and Caixa have already released a portion of PIS/Pasep

In principle, the PIS/PASEP 2024 calendar has already been defined, bringing important dates for around 24.5 million workers who are waiting to receive the salary bonus.

Furthermore, this year, a new feature is the unification of calendars for PIS and PASEP beneficiaries, simplifying the process.

How is the salary bonus paid?

Payment will be made according to the worker’s month of birth or, for public servants, the final digit of the registration number.

The first payments started on February 15th for those born in January (PIS) and those with end of registration 0 (PASEP).

Furthermore, both PIS and Pasep are Brazilian benefits intended for employees in the public or private sector.

The bonus rules determine that payments are managed by Banco do Brasil and are intended for public servants, military personnel and employees of public companies.

Meanwhile, those who work in the sector can receive the amounts through Caixa Econômica, which is largely responsible for transferring PIS.

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Benefit transfer dates


Born in January – February 15th Born in February – March 15th Born in March – April 15th Born in April – April 15th Born in May – May 15th Born in June – May 15th Born in July – June 17th Born in August – June 17th Born in September – July 15th Born in October – July 15th Born in November – August 15th Born in December – August 15th


End of registration NIS 0 – February 15End of registration NIS 1 – March 15End of registration NIS 2 and 3 – April 15End of registration NIS 4 and 5 – May 15End of registration NIS 6 and 7 – June 17End of registration NIS 8 – 15 JulyEnd of registration NIS 9 – 15 August

Who is entitled to receive the allowance?

In short, to be eligible, the worker must be registered with PIS/PASEP for at least five years, have received an average of up to two minimum monthly wages in the base year and have effectively worked for at least 30 days in the base year.

The value of the bonus is proportional to the time worked in the base year (2022), and can reach up to the minimum wage.

In fact, domestic workers, workers employed by individuals, among others, are not entitled to the benefit.

How to check payments

Consultation on the right to the bonus and the amounts to be received can be done on the Digital Work Card application (Android: or iOS: or on the gov.br portal.

In addition, those who have internet banking accounts with Banco do Brasil or Caixa can also check the amounts in the account internally.

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