4 Foods that can NEVER go in the Air Fryer

To ensure correct use of the Air Fryer, it is important not to use certain types of food, in addition to avoiding overload. Understand.

The Air Fryer has revolutionized the modern kitchen, offering a healthier way to cook food with less oil.

However, despite its versatility, there are certain types of food that do not adapt well to this device. Knowing these limits can save your dinner and ensure you get the most out of your appliance.

Continue reading this article to see which foods can never be put in an air fryer.

These foods cannot go in the Air Fryer – Pexels

Foods that shouldn’t go in the air fryer: the definitive guide

Here are six types of food you should think twice about putting in the Air Fryer.

Foods with liquid dough

The Air Fryer uses circulating air to cook food evenly. Therefore, items with liquid batter, such as pancakes or crepes, may not cook well as the airflow may spread the batter before it has a chance to firm up.

Fresh vegetables

While some vegetables do well in the Air Fryer, watery ones, like tomatoes and zucchini, may end up drier than desired. Lack of moisture can cause them to shrink and lose their nice texture.


Adding cheese directly to the Air Fryer basket can result in a sticky, hard-to-clean mess. Cheese tends to melt quickly and can run through cracks in the basket, creating smoke and potentially damaging your appliance.

Breaded foods

Although it is famous for "frying" breaded chicken or fish, foods with a very light layer of breading may not fare as well.

The circulating air can blow the breading off the food, making it look less appetizing.

Extra foods: meats and stews

A very large piece of meat, such as a whole turkey or large roast, may not cook evenly in the Air Fryer. Limited space prevents adequate air circulation, resulting in undercooked portions.

Foods that rely on water to cook, like rice or pasta, don’t work well. Without the ability to boil water, they will not cook properly, resulting in an inadequate texture.

Using the device correctly: tips for delicious and healthy results

As already mentioned, the appliance has been gaining popularity in recent years.

It allows you to prepare fried foods with little or no oil, which makes it a healthier option than traditional frying. Check out some tips for using the device.

Preheat the Air Fryer: Preheating the Air Fryer for a few minutes before adding food ensures an even temperature and better results. Use the right amount of oil: Although the Air Fryer uses less oil than traditional frying, it still You can add a little to get a crunchier texture. Use a pastry brush to coat food with oil or use cooking spray.Do not overcrowd the basket: Leaving enough space between food in the basket allows hot air to circulate freely and cook food evenly.Adjust the time and temperature: Cooking time and temperature vary according to the type and quantity of food. Consult your Air Fryer user manual for recommended settings.

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