3 types of exemptions that almost every elderly person HAS, but doesn't use!

Every elderly person has access to different types of exemptions that can help them maintain their household income. However, not everyone is aware of these rights.

Did you know that elderly people in Brazil are entitled to a series of tax exemptions that are often forgotten? With more than 30 million elderly people in the country, it is crucial that this significant portion of the population is aware of how to save.

Furthermore, they must know how to invest their resources better, especially when many live on pensions that barely cover basic health, mobility and housing expenses. Check out.

Did you know that every elderly person doesn’t need to pay some taxes? Check out which exemptions they can receive! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Exemptions for seniors that few know about

Initially, did you know that seniors can have access to several exemptions throughout their lives? In fact, they arise precisely to provide them with fiscal peace of mind.

Therefore, see below some taxes that are not the obligation of senior citizens and see which ones you can avoid paying.

Income Tax Exemption

The first big advantage for the elderly is the exemption from Income Tax (IR) for those aged 65 and over.

Retirees and pensioners in this age group, therefore, have the right to deduct R$1,903.98 per month from their IR calculation base.

This means that this amount will not be considered in the tax calculation, allowing for significant savings throughout the year.

IPTU exemption

Next, another relevant benefit is the exemption from paying Urban Property and Territorial Tax (IPTU). This exemption, however, is not automatic and requires a request from the beneficiary.

The requirements to obtain this exemption include being over 65 years old, owning only one property used as a residence and having an income that does not exceed two minimum wages.

This measure aims to alleviate fixed monthly costs, allowing seniors to reallocate this money to other needs.

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Exemption on medication costs

As we age, it is common for healthcare costs to increase, especially on medicines. In this sense, elderly people are entitled to exemption from paying for medicines for continuous use.

This exemption can be enjoyed both in popular pharmacies and in health centers that are part of the Farmácia Popular program, representing significant savings in the monthly budget.

How can seniors request exemptions?

IN short, to benefit from these exemptions, seniors must take the initiative to request the benefits. In the case of IPTU, it is necessary to contact the local city hall and present documentation proving the right to exemption.

The IR exemption for retirees and pensioners is calculated automatically by the Federal Revenue, as long as income is within the established limit.

Furthermore, for medicines, the exemption must be requested directly at health centers or pharmacies in the Farmácia Popular program.

Boost your budget with these exemptions

Finally, knowing and requesting these tax exemptions is essential so that seniors can improve their quality of life, saving on taxes and essential expenses and reallocating these resources to areas such as health, leisure and well-being.

It is a right that, when taken advantage of, can bring significant financial relief and guarantee a more dignified and comfortable aging process.

Remember: knowing your rights is the first step towards a healthier and more peaceful financial life. Be sure to look for these exemptions and share this information with friends and family who can also benefit from them!

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