3 questions you should NEVER ask in a job interview

Any job interview can generate a certain amount of anxiety, which makes us want to make an effort. However, it is good to avoid some specific questions.

In a job interview, making a good impression is essential. However, there are some questions that could compromise your chances.

When you’re nervous, it’s common to miss something, but that’s why you should prepare! Find out what they are and why to avoid them to stand out positively in front of recruiters.

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Sensitive questions during the job interview

We all know that going through a job interview is the worst part of hiring, although it is necessary. After all, no one likes to receive several questions in a moment of desperation, right?

At these moments, it is quite normal for a person to get nervous and end up saying things they shouldn’t. However, this can ruin everything with the interviewers. See which questions to avoid!

"Will other people be interviewed as well?"

This question may seem harmless, but it suggests excessive concern about the competition, diverting the focus from your own qualities. Showing confidence in what you offer is more effective.

"What does the company do?"

Arriving unprepared, without knowing the company’s fundamentals, shows a lack of interest. Before the interview, research the company’s mission, vision, products and services. This shows preparation and genuine interest.

"Are there any other vacancies besides this one?"

While this may seem like a valid question, it may indicate a lack of commitment to the position in question. The exception is if the interviewer suggests that you may not be ideal for this role, leaving room to explore other opportunities within the company.

Strategies for passing the job interview

Furthermore, to impress in a job interview, in addition to avoiding these questions, prepare yourself:

Get to know the company: study its history, mission, values ​​and products; Stand out: then focus on your skills, experiences and how you can contribute; Smart questions: prepare questions that demonstrate knowledge and genuine interest in the position and the company.

Remember, a job interview is an opportunity to show your best self. Avoiding potentially harmful questions and preparing adequately can be the difference in winning the desired position.

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How to create the best CV ever?

Finally, before the job interview it is important to make a good impression on your CV. To do this, it is necessary to create a perfect summary that is balanced.

You should include important information, but nothing that will make the interviewer tired before the end of the page. So, here are some tips!

Clear and objective information in the resume

Start with your personal data, such as name, telephone number and email, visible. Avoid unnecessary information.

Relevant professional experience

List your experiences in reverse chronological order, highlighting those most relevant to the position. Include the name of the company, period of employment and your main achievements.

Academic education

Mention your education, starting with the highest degree achieved. Include institutions and completion dates.

Skills and competencies

Highlight skills that align with the vacancy, both technical and behavioral.

Customization for the vacancy

Tailor your resume to each application, emphasizing experience and skills relevant to the desired position.

Design and formatting

Opt for a clean and professional layout, making it easy to read. Use classic fonts and avoid excessive colors or graphic elements.

In short, a well-designed resume is your first contact with the employer. Making it perfect increases your chances of getting noticed and called in for an interview.

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