3 professions that DO NOT exist in Brazil and pay very well

Some professions can pay very well, but unfortunately they don’t exist in Brazil. It might be a good idea to live abroad and invest in them.

In such a vast and diverse world, it is no surprise that there are professions that, although essential in some cultures, are practically unknown in others.

In Brazil, for example, some careers play crucial roles in other parts of the world, but here they are little known or valued.

So, if you are curious, see three of these unusual professions and understand how they reflect the needs and concerns of different societies. Here we go?

Have you ever thought about starting a career with professions that don’t exist in Brazil? This could be your chance to move abroad! / Photo: publicity

Professions that pay well, but do not exist in Brazil

Everywhere, due to different culture, customs and even geography, there are professions that can exist and others that we can’t even dream of. This is the case of three that pay well, but in Brazil they don’t make sense.

So, if you thought about investing in a different type of career and are thinking about starting it in another country, here are some very interesting options!

Forest Guard: the protectors of the green

While many countries have environmental preservation as one of their priorities, in Brazil, the profession of forest guard is still not so common.

These true guardians of natural areas have the mission of protecting forests against illegal hunting, deforestation and fires, as well as promoting environmental education among visitors.

This career highlights the importance of looking more closely at the conservation of our natural heritage.

Medical Concierge: the link between patients and health

In countries where the medical concierge service is a reality, these professionals act as facilitators in access to health services.

They help patients schedule appointments, exams and even monitor more complex treatments, offering personalized and attentive service.

In Brazil, this profession is still little known, perhaps reflecting differences in the healthcare system and the way medical services are accessed.

Snow Caretaker: ensuring mobility in winter

In regions where snow is a constant during the colder months, the snow caretaker is indispensable.

Responsible for removing snow from roads, sidewalks and public areas, these professionals ensure people’s safety and mobility.

This profession, practically non-existent in Brazil due to our tropical climate, highlights how climatic conditions directly influence the configuration of the job market in different parts of the world.

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Which of these professions would you choose?

These careers show us how professions can be a direct reflection of a society’s needs, concerns, and even climate.

By learning about these unusual professions, we broaden our worldview and better understand the diverse realities that make up the global cultural mosaic. So, which of these professions do you think would be an interesting challenge to explore?

Professions that only exist in Brazil

On the other hand, in Brazil, some professions are unique due to their rich and diverse culture, tropical climate and social and economic specificities.

For example, the "Puxador de Samba-Enredo" is an exclusively Brazilian profession, essential during Carnival, where these artists lead the samba schools, singing the sambas-enredo with contagious passion and energy.

Another unique profession is the "Documentary Dispatcher," specializing in navigating Brazil’s complex bureaucracy, helping citizens and businesses obtain a variety of documents and licenses.

The "Beach Vendor", common on the extensive Brazilian beaches, offers everything from food and drinks to handicrafts and beach accessories, adapting to the country’s climate and coastal culture.

Furthermore, the "Galeiro de Aluguel" emerged from the national passion for football, in which players sign temporary contracts to participate in amateur games or events.

These professions reflect Brazil’s adaptability, creativity and cultural diversity, showing how the local context can give rise to unique and specialized careers.

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