3 female and 2 male names that will return with EVERYTHING in 2024: they are old, but imposing!

If you’re about to baptize your child, keep an eye on the list below! Check out 5 names that are trendy in 2024, and see which is best for your plan.

Choosing a name for a child is a magical moment full of meanings. It is a rite of passage that carries within it the essence of hope, dreams and identity that parents wish to bestow on their children.

In a world in constant change, where the ancient and the modern meet, 2024 promises to be the year in which names from the past will once again echo through playgrounds, schools and corridors of life, bringing with them the grandeur and beauty of times gone by.

Check out the best names to baptize your child in 2024! Credit: Reproduction.

The importance of choosing a good name

Choosing a baby’s name is one of the first big decisions parents make and it is a choice that will stay with the child throughout their lives.

A name may reflect family tradition, aspirations, or simply be a matter of the parents’ personal taste.

But what is clear is that each name carries a story, a meaning and a unique vibration that can influence the way the child is perceived and how they perceive themselves in the world.

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Female names for 2024: Clara

Derived from Latin, Clara means "bright" or "illustrious", evoking an aura of light and clarity. This name conveys purity and simplicity, but with a subliminal strength that illuminates the path wherever it goes.


With roots in the Latin word for "olive tree", Olivia brings with it the symbolism of peace and wisdom. A soft name, but full of personality, that promises to make a statement with its timeless elegance.


Of Germanic origin, Amelia is synonymous with work and effort. A name that reflects determination and persistence, admirable qualities that any father would like to instill in his daughter.

Male names for 2024: Samuel

Samuel, a name with strong biblical connotations, means "heard by God" in Hebrew. It carries a deep spiritual connection and a promise of wisdom and sensitivity.


Also of Hebrew origin, Caleb is synonymous with courage and loyalty. This name evokes the image of someone fearless, who faces challenges head on, with a firm and loyal heart.

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Choose the best names for your child in 2024!

The names we choose for our children are more than just labels; They are blessings, they are encapsulated desires, they are small lighthouses that will guide your journeys.

In 2024, the trend points to a recovery of that which is timeless, that which has stood the test of time and still resonates with strength and meaning. Clara, Olivia, Amelia, Samuel and Caleb are not just names; They are legacies, they are stories that will be rewritten, they are new beginnings.

May choosing a name always be an act of love, a breath of life that is renewed with each generation.

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