2 thousand open vacancies for a 100% free driver's license

Thousands of Brazilians don’t know, but with CNH Social it is possible to obtain a license for free. To do this, it is important to sign up for the initiative, which has open positions.

Many people nowadays cannot afford to get a driver’s license due to the high costs. To give you an idea, there are states that charge up to R$3,000 for the complete process.

Fortunately, some states have CNH Social, a special program for those who want a financial aid to access the document. See how to participate!

The CNH Social is a benefit granted by some states to those who are unable to obtain the document. Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

What is CNH Social?

In summary, the CNH Social benefit is a government program offered by some Brazilian states, aimed at low-income citizens who wish to obtain a National Driving License (CNH) for free or at a reduced cost.

It aims to promote social inclusion and increase job opportunities for people who do not have the financial means to bear the costs involved in the process of obtaining a driver’s license.

The program covers all the steps necessary for licensing, including theoretical and practical classes, medical and psychotechnical exams, in addition to legislation and driving exams.

Possibility to participate in CNH Social

The opportunity to acquire or add categories to the CNH at no cost has arrived for Roraima residents with the CNH Social program, also known as CNH Cidadã.

The state government offers 2,000 vacancies, with registration now open and closing scheduled for this month.

During the first semester, 1,000 vacancies will be filled, benefiting people in socially vulnerable situations.

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Who can register for CNH Social?

To participate, you must be over 18 years old, know how to read and write, live in Roraima and be registered in the Cadastro Único or in the state government’s Family Basket program.

Public school students enrolled in EJA (Youth and Adult Education) can also apply.

It is important to highlight that only one person per family registered in CadÚnico or Cesta da Família is eligible for the benefit.

How to register for the Citizen’s CNH

Interested parties must fill out the online registration form by February 29th.

The process begins with access to the Detran de Roraima website, following the steps indicated in the qualification section.

After selection in the online stage, candidates must present their personal and income documents in person, but only those selected in the first stage will be called for this procedure.

Which states have the CNH Social?

CNH Social is an initiative present in several Brazilian states, aiming to promote social inclusion and increase employment opportunities for the low-income population.

Currently, states that participate or have participated in the CNH Social program include:

Federal DistrictCearáEspírito SantoAcreAmazonasGoiásMato Grosso do SulParáParaíbaRio Grande do NorteSergipeAlagoasPernambucoRoraima

Each state and municipality can establish its own rules and criteria to qualify people who can have access to the CNH issuance process through this project.

It is worth noting that other states can join the program at any time, so it is always important to check the Detran website in your region for updates.

Chance to get your license for free

This program represents a great chance for citizens of Roraima who want to obtain their driver’s license but face financial difficulties.

In addition to promoting social inclusion, CNH Social facilitates access to better employment and mobility opportunities, contributing to the personal and professional development of participants.

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