2 benefits at once? Decision in force TODAY (02/24) already makes retirees jump for joy

Recently, retired seniors got the chance to simultaneously receive two important benefits. Just check eligibility.

Have you ever imagined the possibility of a smile widening on the faces of our dear elderly and retired people when they discover that they can, indeed, receive two INSS benefits at the same time?

Well, this reality is closer than many imagine. With the recent decision in force, those with a 1-0 NIS finish have plenty of reasons to celebrate.

So, if you still had doubts about the possibility of receiving simultaneous payments from the INSS, see what the rules are for these cases and take advantage!

Have you ever thought about gaining two different benefits at once? Find out what it’s all about! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

A new horizon for retirees

The National Social Security Institute (INSS) is a fundamental pillar in the lives of many Brazilians, especially for those who have dedicated years of work contributing to this system.

The big question that many ask themselves is: "Is it possible to receive more than one INSS benefit?" The answer, although surrounded by specifics, is an encouraging "yes".

Understanding the benefits of INSS

Each INSS benefit has its own rules and criteria, but in general, most Brazilians are entitled to at least one benefit, be it social security or assistance.

This includes everything from CLT and self-employed workers to the elderly and low-income people with disabilities. In other words, it all depends on what role you play.

What benefits can be combined?

The 2019 Social Security Reform brought significant changes to the rules for accruing benefits.

Now, it is possible to accumulate the death pension with retirement, in addition to other combinations such as two death pensions from different schemes and even two pensions, as long as they are from different pension schemes.

The reality of backlogged payments

However, it is essential to understand that, in the general regime (RGPS), administered by the INSS, it is not possible to maintain two benefits with full values.

The benefit with the highest value is preserved, while the other suffers a proportional reduction. To know exactly how it works, it is important to do a retirement simulation.

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Payment Accrual FAQs

How many pensions can I have through INSS? Only one, but retirees can combine retirement with the death pension, respecting the calculation rules; Is it possible to receive two INSS benefits simultaneously? Yes, especially after the Social Security reform, with some reservations and specific rules to be followed. Which INSS benefits cannot be accumulated? It is not possible to combine retirement with benefits such as sickness benefit, maternity pay or unemployment insurance.

The possibility of accumulating INSS benefits is news that warms the heart and brings hope to many.

However, each case is unique and it is crucial to consult a specialist or the INSS itself to analyze your specific situation. Remember, information is key to guaranteeing your rights and maximizing the benefits you deserve.

INSS payment dates in February

Finally, see below when INSS policyholders will be able to access payments for all benefits.

One salary

Final 1: February 23; Final 2: February 26; Final 3: February 27; Final 4: February 28; Final 5: February 29; Final 6: March 1; Final 7: March 4; Final 8: March 5th;End 9: March 6th;End 0: March 7th.

More than one salary

Finals 1 and 6: March 1;Finals 2 and 7: March 4;Finals 3 and 8: March 5;Finals 4 and 9: March 6;Finals 5 and 0: March 7.

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