2 apps that you need to delete ASAP from your phone

It is often possible for users to download apps on their cell phones that may not be extremely secure. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself.

Have you ever stopped to think that some apps installed on your cell phone could be consuming more than just your device’s battery?

Well, we’re talking about two applications that, although they seem harmless at first glance, could be putting not only your cell phone’s performance at risk, but also your privacy. Check out!

If you have any of these apps on your phone, you better get rid of them soon! / Photo: publicity

Apps that can harm cell phone performance

At certain times, the cell phone may start to freeze and present other performance problems, requiring, for example, a restart.

Even if the user believes that this is a problem that arises naturally on the device, it may actually have to do with the apps they are installing. Check it out below!

Skype: the well-known performance villain

Who has never used Skype for a video call? Despite its popularity, this application can be a major consumer of your cell phone’s resources, directly affecting the device’s battery and performance.

Furthermore, it is important to be aware of the permissions granted to Skype, as it can access personal data, such as your phonebook and microphone.

It is important to remember that, in 2019, Skype was the target of a hacker attack, compromising millions of user data.

Fitbit: the health monitor that drains your battery

Next, Fitbit, known for monitoring health and physical activity, is another app that deserves your attention. This application works by constantly sending data to the cloud, which results in significant battery consumption.

Furthermore, by collecting information about your health, it may represent an invasion of your privacy. It is worth considering deactivating some of its features or even avoiding its use to preserve your device’s energy.

The impact of background apps

We often don’t realize the impact that apps running in the background can have on our devices.

Not only do they drain your battery quickly, they can also make your phone slow and susceptible to other inconveniences. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the apps you have installed and how they are affecting your device.

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These files, although they may provide access to apps not available in your region or app store, carry significant risks.

Without the security of official stores, you could inadvertently install malware, compromising your personal data and the security of your device.

Before downloading an APK, make sure it comes from and consider the potential security risks involved. Protect your device and personal information.

Safe and healthy alternatives

Fortunately, there are safer and more efficient alternatives to these apps. By choosing apps that consume less resources and respect your privacy, you guarantee a healthier and safer digital experience.

Remember to always check the permissions of any app before installing it, and keep your device updated to protect against vulnerabilities.

Monitor the apps on your phone!

Taking care with the applications we install on our devices is essential to maintain not only the health of the device, but also our privacy. Skype and Fitbit are just two examples of apps that could be compromising your cell phone.

Therefore, be aware, review the permissions granted to applications and consider safer alternatives. Your cell phone will thank you, and so will your privacy!

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