1st copy and FREE renewal? New CNH rules in 2024 can be scary!

The CNH (National Driving License) is one of the most important Brazilian documents, as it authorizes citizens to drive vehicles.

In an innovative and socially responsible move, the Government of Paraíba, through the State Department of Traffic (Detran-PB) and the Secretariat of Human Development (SEDH), announced the first list of candidates selected for the Social Habilitation Program (PHS).

Launched in December last year, the program aims to benefit the low-income population, facilitating free access to the Moped Driving Authorization (ACC) and the first National Driving License (CNH), in categories A or B.

Furthermore, the program includes the addition and change of categories, as well as the renewal of the qualification document.

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An opportunity for 5 thousand people from Paraíba who want to have a driving license

With 34,257 applicants, the program’s goal is to fill 5,000 vacancies, distributed proportionally across the state’s 14 geo-administrative regions.

Of this total, 50% of the vacancies are allocated to candidates for their first driver’s license, with a percentage division that favors 70% for category A (motorcycles), 10% for ACC (mopeds) and 20% for category B (cars).

In addition, 40% of vacancies are reserved for adding and changing categories, and the remaining 10% for renewing the driver’s license.

Selection criteria and benefits

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To be eligible for the program, candidates must meet specific income criteria and belong to certain social groups.

Among the beneficiaries are participants in Bolsa Família, the unemployed, students in their final year of high school in public schools, graduates of the penitentiary system, among others.

Once selected, candidates will be exempt from fees related to physical and mental aptitude exams, license to learn to drive, theoretical-technical and practical driving courses, in addition to renewing their driver’s license.

Selection process and next steps

After publishing the initial list, those selected will go through a second stage, where their documents will be analyzed by a SEDH commission.

The process is transparent and aims to ensure that the benefits reach candidates who really need this opportunity to improve their mobility and, consequently, their quality of life and access to the job market.

This program represents a significant step towards social inclusion and human development, recognizing the CNH as a tool for individual and collective empowerment.

By facilitating access to licenses, the Government of Paraíba helps the mobility of the low-income population and opens doors to new job opportunities and personal growth.

Other states offer similar programs; check out

Several Brazilian states have implemented the CNH Social program or similar initiatives. Check out.

Espírito Santo: offers the CNH Social through Detran-ES,; Goiás: is administered by Detran-GO and aims to benefit low-income citizens, the unemployed, public school students, among other groups. Maranhão: the CNH Jovem program, which focuses on young students who have completed high school in state public schools, offering their first driver’s license for free. Ceará: CNH Popular in Ceará provides traffic education and the free issuance of the first driver’s license, renewal or change of category for low-income citizens. Pernambuco: CNH Popular facilitates access to the first license, renewal, addition or change of category for the economically vulnerable population. Rio Grande do Sul: RS offers driver training programs focusing on low-income citizens, through partnerships between Detran-RS and educational entities.Amazonas: implemented programs aimed at training new drivers, focusing on young people and low-income citizens to facilitate access to a driver’s license.

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