13th INSS salary changed in 2024? Check TODAY (19/02) the decision that is already in force

Find out how changes to the INSS 13th salary payment schedule in 2024 are affecting the lives of retirees and pensioners. Understand the adjustments in values ​​and who is entitled to this benefit.

The INSS plays a crucial role in the lives of millions of Brazilians, providing financial protection and security for retirees, pensioners and other insured people.

One of the most anticipated benefits for this part of the population is the 13th salary. After all, the benefit represents important financial relief, especially in periods of economic instability.

However, the scenario for the year 2024 holds surprises and unexpected changes in the payment schedule for this benefit, directly impacting the lives of beneficiaries. Find out more below.

Discover the surprises and necessary adaptations given the changes in the payment of the INSS 13th salary in 2024. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

Will you have your 13th INSS salary in 2024?

Since 2020, Brazil has faced the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, which directly influenced government policies, including those related to social security.

In response to the most critical moments of the pandemic, the Federal Government adopted emergency measures to protect the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, considered at high risk.

One of these measures was the advance payment of the 13th INSS salary. The idea was to provide additional financial resources to face the challenges arising from the health crisis.

However, the circumstances for the year 2024 differ significantly from what was expected. The advance of the 13th INSS salary is left aside, and a new schedule is established.

How will the INSS 13th salary be paid in 2024?

Namely, the two installments of the benefit will be paid in the months of August and November. This decision, although surprising, reflects an attempt to reorganize the social security system.

In addition to changes in the payment schedule, another relevant aspect are the adjustments in the minimum values ​​of INSS benefits.

With the increase in the minimum wage, the minimum amounts paid to retirees and pensioners are also recalculated, directly impacting the amount of the 13th salary.

Who is entitled to the 13th INSS salary?

Understanding who is entitled to the 13th INSS salary is crucial to understanding the scope of these changes.

The benefit is intended not only for retirees and pensioners, but for all insured people who received some type of social security benefit from the month of May.

However, it is essential to highlight that certain groups are not included in this allowance. This is the case of those who receive the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) and Lifetime Monthly Income.

Payment calendar for the 13th INSS salary in 2024

1st installment – ​​Up to one minimum wage

Ultimate benefit Payday
1 August 26th
2 August 27
3 August 28
4 August 29
5 August 30
6 September 2nd
7 September 3rd
8 September 4th
9 September 5th
0 September 6th

1st installment – ​​Above one minimum wage

Ultimate benefit Payday
1 e 6 September 2nd
2 e 7 September 3rd
3 e 8 September 4th
4 e 9 September 5th
5 e 0 September 6th

2nd installment – ​​Up to one minimum wage

Ultimate benefit Payday
1 November 25th
2 November 26th
3 November 27th
4 November 28th
5 November 29
6 December 2nd
7 December 3rd
8 December 4th
9 December 5th
0 December 6th

2nd installment – ​​Above one minimum wage

Ultimate benefit Payday
1 e 6 December 2nd
2 e 7 December 3rd
3 e 8 December 4th
4 e 9 December 5th
5 e 0 December 6th

Finally, given these changes, it is essential that beneficiaries are informed and prepared for the new realities that arise.

Closely monitoring the information provided by the INSS and being aware of payment dates are essential steps to guarantee financial stability and access to social security rights.

In this sense, rapid and effective adaptation to the new guidelines is essential to mitigate any negative impacts and ensure the timely receipt of the 13th salary and other social security benefits.

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