1 REAL note can be worth more than R$400; you still have?

Many people have no idea, but there is money that can be worth a fortune! In this case, a 1 real note is about to make one lucky person very rich.

Have you ever imagined that a simple 1 real note kept in your wallet or forgotten in a drawer could be worth a small fortune?

In the fascinating world of numismatics, where collectors and investors look for rare and unique items, some 1 real notes stand out and can really make a difference in your pocket. Check out!

Do you still have a 1 real note? Know that it could be worth a fortune nowadays! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br / Photo: Rare Numismatic Coin

The transformation of the 1 Real note

Initially introduced in 1994 with the advent of the Real Plan, 1 real banknotes marked an era in the Brazilian economy.

However, with the transition to coins in 2005, these banknotes became desirable pieces for collectors, acquiring a value that goes far beyond their nominal value.

Features of valuable banknotes

In summary, for a 1 real note to reach surprising values, it needs to present some specific characteristics:

Green coloring: firstly, the original and well-preserved tone is a differentiator; Effigy of the Republic and hummingbird: secondly, these elements stamped on the banknote are crucial to its authenticity and value; Series and specific signatures: in addition, the letters "BA" in the series registration and signatures of Pedro S. Malan and Gustavo JL Loyola are details that increase the value of the note;Conservation status: finally, notes in impeccable condition, without folds, stains or erasures, are more valued.

Market value of the 1 real note

Depending on these characteristics, some 1 real notes can reach astronomical values, being traded for up to R$44,000!

Furthermore, printing errors or peculiarities in the banknote can increase its price even further. In other words, every detail, no matter how small, counts for a lot!

1 real coins: commemorative coins are also worth gold

In addition to banknotes, commemorative 1 real coins are also highly sought after by collectors. Among them, the coin that celebrates the delivery of the flag in 2012 stands out, and can be worth up to R$200,000!

Tips for preserving your banknotes and coins

To maintain the value of these items:

Protect against moisture and sunlight: keep your banknotes and coins away from these elements to avoid wear; Storage: use plastic covers or specific cases for numismatics; Handling: avoid directly touching the items to avoid leaving marks or damage.

Next steps for lucky homeowners

If you believe you have one of these rarities in your hands, it is essential to do in-depth research into its current value on the numismatic market.

When selling, choose trustworthy buyers and ensure that the item is transported safely. After all, if there is a problem with the item, you could lose money.

Have you looked at your wallet today?

Discovering that you have a valuable 1 real note can be a euphoric moment for many. If you’re a numismatic enthusiast or simply lucky, now might be the time to dig through your antiques in search of hidden treasure.

And remember: the value of an item can go far beyond what is printed on it, especially when it comes to rare and historic pieces. Who knows, maybe you’re sitting on a small fortune?

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