1 real coin from the Olympics could be worth more than R$500.00: do you still have it?

Few people know, but a simple 1 real Olympic coin can be worth a large amount of money. Understand.

You’ve probably already seen a R$1 coin. It’s very likely that you have the item saved in your piggy bank at home. What few people know is that the object can be worth a large amount.

In other words, it is worth much more than its nominal value. Collectors are willing to pay small fortunes if they find the right coin. But, not just any piece is worth a lot of money.

In fact, it needs to meet some criteria. Check them all out by reading this article.

This one real coin can be sold for a high price – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Simple coin can be worth a lot of money

In the world of collecting, rare items always arouse great interest and can be worth a real fortune.

One of these treasures that has attracted attention is the 1 real coin launched in commemoration of the Olympics, which can be worth up to R$650. If you have this piece in your collection, know that it could be your personal gold mine.

A treasure

The Brazilian Mint has launched a special series of coins to celebrate the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Among them, the rugby coin, with a curious detail that increases its value: the inverted reverse. This rare and unique minting error makes it an object of desire among collectors.

How to identify the valuable item

To check if your coin is the valuable version, look at the reverse. If the image is inverted in relation to the common pattern, congratulations, you have a piece in your hands that could be worth up to R$650.

But remember, the condition of the coin directly influences its value. Keep it in excellent condition to ensure the best quote.

When you decide to sell your currency, the internet will be your best ally. There are specialized websites and forums where collectors seek to acquire rare items. This is an opportunity to earn extra money with little effort.

However, before closing a deal, do your research to ensure you get the best offer.

Care when selling

Before selling your coin, make sure it is protected and retains its original characteristics. The authenticity and condition of the coin are crucial to getting you the best price.

Coin collections require care and attention to detail if their value is to be preserved.

Classifications in numismatics

Numismatics is a passion that unites history, culture and economy through the collection and study of coins and medals. This fascinating hobby is a way to preserve pieces of human history.

A crucial aspect for collectors and scholars is the classification of coins, which determines their value, rarity and state of conservation.

Classifications help determine the market value of a piece and are crucial for commercial transactions, appraisals and historical study. The main classifications are:

Flower of Mint (FC): this is the highest classification for a coin, indicating that it has never been circulated and maintains all of its original characteristics from when it was minted.

Flor de Cunho coins present the maximum possible detail, without wear or scratches, and an original mint shine.

Sob (Sob): "Sobre Flor de Cunho" and refers to coins that, despite having already circulated, maintain a large part of their original details, with minimal signs of wear.

Very Well Preserved (MBC): Coins classified as Very Well Preserved show signs of circulation but still preserve most of the design details.

You may notice some wear, but the main features are still easily identifiable.

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