Your monthly retirement payment could be wrong and you don't know it; understand!

Find out how to avoid errors when calculating your retirement and ensure the correct value of your social security benefit.

Have you ever stopped to consider whether the amount of your retirement, granted by the National Social Security Institute (INSS), is correct? Many beneficiaries are unaware of the possibility of calculation errors, which could harm their social security rights. In this article, we will explore this issue and highlight the importance of superannuation review.

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The mysteries of retirement

Retirement is the result of years of hard work and social security contributions. It’s time to reap the fruits of a life dedicated to the job market.

However, in the midst of this long-awaited phase, many retirees may be receiving inadequate amounts, due to errors that go unnoticed.

The complexity of the processes and calculations involved in granting social security benefits can result in mistakes, affecting the amount received by the insured person. Therefore, mathematical mistakes, incorrect calculations of contribution time and omitted documents are some of the scenarios that can affect the appropriate granting of retirement.

Main mistakes in granting retirement

Incorrect calculations: Mathematical errors can lead to inadequate benefit payments. Incorrect contribution time: Problems in accounting for contribution time, considering periods of work, special activities and late contributions. Lack of documents: Failure to adequately present the necessary documents can delay or deny the granting of retirement. Non-recognition of special activities: Mistakes in the analysis of activities harmful to health can result in inadequate concessions. Poor analysis of rural periods: In rural pensions, periods of work in the field may not be considered correctly. Problems with autonomous contributions: Inadequate contributions or lack of payment by self-employed people and service providers may jeopardize the granting of the benefit.

Therefore, if you suspect errors in calculating your retirement, the first step is to analyze your grant letter and the benefit calculation report, documents provided by the INSS that detail the criteria used in the grant. Next, it is highly recommended to check for errors via the Meu INSS website or telephone support.

Seeking corrections and guidance

If mistakes are identified, it is essential to notify the INSS through the Administrative Process (PA). Clarity in communication with the INSS and appropriate legal assistance are essential to correct errors and ensure adequate retirement receipt.

Furthermore, it is worth highlighting that retirement is not static. Life circumstances can change, and it is essential that retirees are aware that they may be entitled to periodic reviews and adjustments to their benefits, especially if there are changes to their contributions or the pension system.

Still, it is important to remember that retirement benefits are guaranteed by law, and every citizen has the right to receive the correct and fair amount to which they are entitled. The retirement review appears as a valuable tool to correct possible mistakes made by the INSS, ensuring that policyholders receive the appropriate and fair amount of their social security benefits.

In short, retirement is a crucial moment in the lives of all workers, and the correct value of the benefit is essential to guarantee quality of life in old age. Pay attention to details, analyze your retirement and, if necessary, seek appropriate corrections and guidance to ensure you receive what is owed to you. After all, you worked hard for it, and you deserve the best at this stage in your life.

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