You may be entitled to ADDITIONAL Bolsa Família benefits in January; know more

Some Bolsa Família beneficiaries may have access to amounts greater than the base payment. See how this is possible!

Bolsa Família, one of the most significant social assistance programs in Brazil, will undergo a notable expansion in 2024. With six new additional benefits, the program is adapting to more effectively serve families in situations of social vulnerability.

In this article, we will cover each of these new benefits and the conditions for eligibility in detail. Get ready to discover how these changes can positively impact your life and that of thousands of Brazilians!

Bolsa Família can deliver impressive amounts to beneficiaries. Understand the rules of this increase! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Bolsa Família in 2024: discover the 6 additional benefits that will change your life

Did you know that you can get larger payments from Bolsa Família? Make sure it’s within the rules for this!

Additional benefits of Bolsa Família

Citizenship Income Benefit (BRC): guarantees a per capita value of R$142 for each family member, ensuring basic financial support for all families that meet the program criteria; Complementary Benefit (BCO): created to ensure that all families receive at least R$600 in benefits. This additional is paid to families whose sum of benefits does not reach this minimum value; First Childhood Benefit (BPI): aimed at children aged zero to seven, provides an increase of R$ 150 per child in this age group, recognizing the importance of first years of life in child development;Family Variable Benefit (BVF): offers an additional R$50 for pregnant women, children and adolescents aged 7 to 18, considering the specific needs of these groups;Nurse Family Variable Benefit (BVN): for breastfeeding women, grants an extra R$50 to each family member with up to seven incomplete months, aiming to provide additional financial support during the breastfeeding period; Extraordinary Transition Benefit (BET): guarantees that no beneficiary receives less than what they obtained in the previous program. BET will be paid until May 2025, providing a transition period for families to adjust to changes in the program.

Requirements for receipt

To be eligible for Bolsa Família, families must meet certain criteria related to education and health. This includes maintaining regular school attendance for children and adolescents, carrying out prenatal and nutritional monitoring, and adhering to the national vaccination calendar.

How to consult Bolsa Família

To access Bolsa Família values, users can use the Caixa Tem application. Just download the app (Android: or iOS: log in with your CPF and registration password, and thus have access to the benefit statement, carry out transactions via PIX and pay bills.

How to secure Bolsa Família in 2024

To ensure the continuity of Bolsa Família in 2024, it is crucial to regularize the CPF. Evaluate the status of your CPF with the Federal Revenue, contact the agency in case of irregularities, complete an online form if necessary, and keep all data updated in the Single Registry.

Official January calendar

The Bolsa Família payment calendar for January 2024 follows the order of the last digits of the NIS. Stay tuned to see when you can receive:

If the NIS ends in 1: payment on the 18th;If the NIS ends in 2: payment on the 19th;If the NIS ends in 3: payment on the 22nd;If the NIS ends in 4: payment on the 23rd;If the NIS ends in 5: payment on the 24th;If the NIS ends in 6: payment on the 25th;If the NIS ends in 7: payment on the 26th;If the NIS ends in 8: payment on the 29th;If the NIS ends in 9: payment on the 30th; If the NIS ends in 0: payment on the 31st

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