Workers are surprised by the new minimum wage of R$ 2,134.00 TODAY (19): understand!

Those who work under the CLT regime may be pleasantly surprised in relation to the value of the minimum wage. Understand why this should happen!

Have you ever imagined the impact of a minimum wage of R$2134 on your life? Today, workers under the CLT regime are celebrating this vibrant reality.

The new payment amount, a significant jump from the national average, is in effect, bringing a wave of optimism and financial relief. Check out which region is undergoing this new adjustment!

The minimum wage may be different in some regions of Brazil. Check out what's new for residents of this region! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How much is the national minimum wage today?

In principle, the minimum wage in Brazil, adjusted annually, is the lowest remuneration that employers can legally pay workers.

It serves as the basis for calculating salaries, benefits and retirements, directly impacting the economy and society.

The value is defined by the federal government, considering factors such as inflation and economic growth, with the aim of preserving workers’ purchasing power.

This minimum value seeks to balance the basic needs of workers with the capabilities of companies, although this does not always happen. Currently, the value is R$1,412.

What are state minimum wages?

Now, state minimum wages are variations of the national minimum wage, established by individual states to meet the specific economic and social needs of their regions.

These differentiated values ​​take into account the local cost of living, the reality of the job market and other regional socioeconomic factors.

For example, some Brazilian states, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná, adopt their own minimum wages, generally higher than the national minimum.

These state minimum wages aim to provide fairer remuneration, reflecting the particular economic conditions of each state and helping to reduce regional disparities.

A revolutionary payment

Today, January 19, 2024, is an important day for workers in Paraná. The announcement of the new minimum wage of R$2,134 came as a great victory, exceeding expectations and bringing a feeling of party and celebration.

The increase, approved by the State Council for Labor, Employment and Income (CETER) of Paraná, represents a milestone in the history of minimum wages in the state, keeping Paraná as the leader in the regional floor in Brazil.

How does the new minimum wage work?

The new minimum wage values ​​in Paraná are structured into four salary ranges, ranging from R$1,856.94 to R$2,134.88, with significant adjustments in relation to previous values.

These tracks cover different categories of workers, from agricultural workers to mid-level technicians, reflecting an effort to cover a wide range of sectors and professions.

The impact of the increase on workers

Overall, this minimum wage increase represents more than just numbers. For thousands of workers, it means an improvement in quality of life, greater purchasing power and the possibility of planning a more stable future.

It is a change that reverberates positively, not only for workers but also for the local economy, as it increases consumption and encourages economic growth.

Why are salaries in the region different?

In short, the definition of minimum wage values ​​in Paraná is the result of a negotiation process involving government representatives, workers and employers’ unions.

It is important to highlight that the regional minimum wage does not apply to employees with a minimum wage defined by federal law, convention or collective bargaining agreement, nor to public servants.

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